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Traditional and digital collage artist uses antique paper items - maps, tickets, photos, playing cards, and postcards to create witty, poignant collages with a contemporary edge.

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  • Kaufman, S. Brett - Body of work encompasses wide range of subjects. collage Art collage for sale, illustrator for hire. collage Featuring photography, collage, and collage sculpture. Fine art collage and commercial art.
  • Talbot, Jonathan - The Internet Studio of artist Jonathan Talbot. Images, information, and visual arts links.
  • Larmon, Kevin - American artist living upstate New York. On-line portfolio collage of paintings visual arts and drawings with resume.
  • Sigilation - Presents a gallery of found object assemblage and visual arts collage work.
  • Nurkse, Lucille - Brooklyn studio of paper-on-paper and button-on-canvas collage artist visual arts Lucille artists Nurkse.
  • Brekan, Ralph Michael - Gallery of pop art mixed media, new media collage and digital collage collage.
  • Bichara, Inger - Botanical Collages - A dream world made of flowers, leaves and visual arts other visual arts parts of plants.
  • Dugdale, Rowena - Collage and photomontage.
  • Newell, Monica - Painting, collage and interview with the artist.
  • Kimura, Natsuki - Virtual gallery containing a large selection of collages visual arts spanning more than a decade by this Japanese visual arts artist.
  • Kilpatrick, Jan - Ceramic and textile collage by Scotland based mosaic artist. Galleries, collage biography, course schedule, and travelling workshops.
  • Noebel, Christoph - Private gallery of London based German collage artist collage Christoph Noebel, displaying recent works and offering background collage to his life and work.
  • Giecek, Ed - Original watercolor and collage paintings by Pacific Northwest artist. Includes visual arts short biography and exhibitions.
  • BradArt Collage Gallery - Explore the figure through the collage and assemblage art of Los Angeles artist David Brady.
  • Finer, Carole - An artist living in London, UK and teaching at a artists leading London art school.
  • RenĂ©e Pelletier, Juliette - Stunning, dramatic, haunting collage works.
  • Copeland, Dale - Shows her assemblage and collage work on the Virtual TART site in New Zealand.
  • Hellmuth, Claudine - An Orlando artist whose artwork focuses on time, collage memory, and correspondence.
  • Micheeva, Olga - Gallery of collages using plant products.
  • McGee, Steve - Limited edition 3-d constructions, titles, price list, galleries list, biography.
  • Street, Pat - Traditional and digital collage artist uses antique paper visual arts items - maps, tickets, photos, playing cards, and visual arts postcards to create witty, poignant collages with a visual arts contemporary edge.
  • Shukovsky, Yvonne and Hal - Digital collage, photo collage and mixed media collage.
  • Alejandro, Clifford - The portfolio features eclectic mixed-media collage designs by the artist. Contact information and client list.
  • Walsh, Martha Link - Artist uses traditional cut-from-one-piece style or more spontaneous artists multi-colored collages. Includes display of custom and original artists works and gallery events. Branford, Connecticut.
  • Sunny Nai Sun - Complex and mysterious imagery that alludes to life\\'s visual arts literal and figurative journeys.
  • Ilija Terrah - Freelancer, collage maestro, rastafarisafary freak.
  • Johnson's Petit Musee - Art collage boxes. Links: anamorphic art, Musee d\'Orsay, visual arts fractal sight, Florence Science Museum.
  • Zenk, Brian - A presentation of animated paper collage art.
  • Vi Vona Collages with Animated Art - Linked pages to animations, collage series, biography and visual arts audio.
  • Scheinman, Nancy - Collage artist who has studied at the Washington University School artists of Fine Arts in St. Louis, the Rhode Island School artists of Design, the New York Studio School, and Pellacani and artists Barsi in Pietrasanta, Italy.
  • Carnaglia, Denis - A collection of butterflies, made from banknote cuttings.
  • Bleistein, Carole. - Mixed media collage artist offers gallery of originals, news, biography artists and advice for artists.
  • Carl, Vince - A gallery of work by the artist. Includes membership visual arts sign-up.
  • - A site with a mission and a historical visual arts and philosophical overview. Created by artist David Turner. visual arts Collage and assemblage artists welcome to apply for visual arts shows.
  • WebMuseum: Cornell, Joseph - American sculptor, one of the pioneers and most visual arts celebrated exponents of assemblage (1903-72).
  • Fullham, Richard - Collage-painter. Works are painted on a solid background. All works collage are unique, signed and dated.
  • Teacup Garden Studio - Watercolor collage inspired by antique quilts, artist Laurel collage Weathersbee
  • Lacey, Jean - Art focused on Lacey's African American heritage.
  • Marcus, Karen - Mixed-media Canadian collage artist.
  • Touchon, Cecil - Collage artist and abstract paintier, Cecil Touchon\\'s on-line artists portfolio including resume, and exhibitions.
  • Owens, Chris - Produces customizable works of multimedia collage. Includes artist profile, visual arts gallery of works and contact information.

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