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This list is for the discussion and study of collage as an art form. It is intended as a forum for the exchange of techniques, materials, ideas and inspiration.

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  • Soubiran, Audrey - Display of works that encompass the world of fashion, art, arts design and advertising.
  • Smith - Mixed Media Collage and Poet - Sculpture, assemblage, and collage art. Blends industrial and everyday materials arts into moving visual statements of striking beauty.
  • Yahoo! Groups: Art_of_Collage - This list is for the discussion and study visual arts of collage collage as an art form. It is visual arts intended as collage a forum for the exchange of visual arts techniques, materials, ideas collage and inspiration.
  • KinderArt - Sculpture and Collage - Sculpture and collage lesson plans for kids of arts all ages, visual arts from KinderArt.
  • Jiri Kolar: Books and Images - Reference of books by and about him and examples of visual arts his work.
  • - Dedicated to the art of collage. Links to resources, collage workshops, and group exhibitions.
  • Murder 1978 - Story of the trial and execution of an innocent man collage using collages and poems
  • I am a Gallery - Ongoing exhibition of collages and speculative fiction.
  • Yahoo Groups: Collage - Conversation is centered around the technical, theoretical and aesthetic implications generated by a constructive approach to art making.
  • ArtLex - Visual Arts Dictionary: Collage - Collage in art, defined with illustrations, great quotations, arts and links arts to other resources.
  • GumArt - The result of thousands of hours of chewing collage and spreading. See the art, news/media clips, and collage order a GumArt calendar.
  • International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction - Includes writings, images and links to a webring arts and email group called \\'collage\\'. Part of arts the International Post-Dogmatist Group\'s Ontological Museum.
  • MetroActive Arts | Collage Arts - Article by Zack Stentz.
  • Theater of the Dead - Online gallery of collages and found images of Death, completely black and white.

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