Digital Collage

Gallery of collages using antique paper items such as maps, tickets, photos, playing cards and postcards to create witty, poignant collages with a contemporary edge. Both traditional and digital collages.

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See Also:
  • Pamelart Collage - Gallery of paper cut-out collages and an assortment of digitally digital collage created works by Canadian artist Pamela Allen. Larger site also digital collage includes prints, assemblages, and paintings.
  • Digital Dream Collage by Paul DiLascia - Gallery of surrealistic digital collage and photomontage. Also collage provides artist\\'s digital collage statement, deconstruction of one of the collage works, simulation of animated digital collage collage sequence and a collage brief history of collage and digital digital collage imaging.
  • Land-Weber, Ellen - The 3M Color in Color portfolio is a collage large body digital collage of work produced between 1971 and collage 1985, with the earliest digital collage model color copy machine. collage The present series of digital collages digital collage was begun collage in 1991, using Photoshop with scanned images from digital collage collage a negative archive, smal
  • The Sid Phyllis Feeling - Collage of ads, stars, and abstracts. To see digital collage what visual arts the pictures do for me creatively and digital collage to you visual arts emotionally.
  • Andersen, Thor - Collage art that criticizes and satires different political, digital collage social, and environmental issues.
  • twilxzone - Gothic-inspired digital collages using images from television show "The X-Files".
  • Horkay, Istvan - The "Museum Factory" of digital collages. Works incorporate digital collage the visual arts paintings of masters such as Rembrandt as digital collage well as visual arts etching, drawings, and other materials.
  • Linhart, Stephen - The presentation of digital collage as "Found Art" collage but in digital collage a way which redefines the term.
  • Papago Design - Digital art, digital collage and photography by Sabine visual arts Spiesser
  • Street, Pat - Gallery of collages using antique paper items such digital collage as digital collage maps, tickets, photos, playing cards and postcards digital collage to create digital collage witty, poignant collages with a contemporary digital collage edge. Both traditional digital collage and digital collages.
  • Cardinal, Marie Annick Isabelle - Digital collage and montage artist offering information visual arts in collage both English and French.
  • Digital Collage Gallery - A large collection of manipulated photographs, primarily incorporating celebrity images, by digiCollage, a digital photo collage gallery and email order photo finishing. Also offers the viewer the opportunity to receive a collage from the authors containi
  • Grillo, Ileana Frómeta - Gallery presentation by the Museum of Computer Art visual arts (MOCA). collage Includes artist bio and several sample works visual arts with descriptions collage by the artist of the digital visual arts processes used to collage create each work.
  • Noteborn, Ron - Photocollages emphasizing perspective and perception, capturing elements of digital collage time collage and motion.
  • Shukovsky, Hal - One half of the Shukovsky Gallery, offering examples digital collage of the New Hampshire artist\\'s works as well digital collage as online ordering for signed and numbered prints.
  • Copyright for Collage Artists - Discusses copyright law as it applies to collage art. Includes common myths, fair use, trademark vs copyright, derivative works, duration and landmark cases. Recommended reading for all digital collage artists.
  • Pashak, Todd - Gallery of digital collage artwork from mixed media sources. Includes visual arts artist's bio and studio notes.
  • Holland, Diane - Photo-interview with links to online slideshow of artists\\' book "Amari Marbu".
  • How - Single page devoted to "How to create a collage digital collage", as part of a larger site collage by Wild Iris dedicated in part to combining collage digital photography with special effects to create collage collage works.
  • Mixed Media and Digital Collage by Peggi Meyer Graminiski - Artist\\'s blog about digital collage and photomontage with collage several sample artworks.
  • Zenk, Brian Edward - A series of linked animated collages.
  • 2nd Yr Landscape Architecture Students - Wide selection of landscape and architural collages by digital collage 2nd-year Landscape Architecture Students in the course "LA digital collage Presentation" at Chulalongkorn University.
  • KODAK: Members Gallery, Creating Digital Collages - A commercial site maintained by the Kodak company with tips collage on creating digital collages from photographs. Offers a membership which collage allows the use of sample pictures for non-commercial creations as collage well as feedback from a Kodak employee who hosts the collage sit
  • Six Digital Collage Artists - Digital collages by six different collage artists.
  • I'd put green houses next to the pink ones - Series of collages by Alabama artist Hellen of Blither-Blather.
  • Baldridge, Jane Lawton - A gallery of mixed media and digital art. Exhibited digital collage for purchase are computer collages, Gicleé prints and Iris prints. digital collage Includes artist profile.
  • Digital Photo Collage - Multinegative images of people and their environment. Street scenes and architectural images.

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