Monotype Printmaking Visual Arts

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  • Scott, Juliet - Series of monoprints composed in oil paint of everyday monotype and utilitarian objects.
  • Riley, Karen - Abstract monotypes that draw on the artist\\'s long visual arts residence monotype in Japan.
  • Lowbeer, Jane - Monotypes and stitched collage images from mixed media artist in Toronto, Canada.
  • Leary, Daniel - A journey through the landscape using drawings, monotypes and text.
  • Askew, R. Anthony - Monotypes, watercolors and mixed media assemblages from the printmaking studio of monotype artist/educator from Portland, Oregon.
  • Julia Ayres Monotypes - Julia\\'s method for making water-based monotypes, the "painterly print", with monotype examples of her work.
  • Ross Donohue, Susan - Monotypes and oil pastels with theme of Paris, printmaking France by Canadian artist.

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