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Information and resources about original prints, paperworks and artists' books for creators and collectors, including a gallery, exhibits, technical articles and index to their journal "Contemporary Impressions." The Alliance is a non-profit con

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  • Giclée UK - Services offered, general guidance and pricing on making printmaking fine art printmaking Giclée prints.
  • Manneken Press - An independent publisher of contemporary limited edition fine art prints, visual arts monoprints and artist's books.
  • Artichoke Printmaking - Printmaking facility with gallery of artist works, adult and school courses in many printmaking mediums. Membership offers 24hr studio access.
  • McSweeney, Art - Visual artist producing prints, paintings and drawings with a surreal theme.
  • Fine Art Printmaking - Major developments have taken place with the introduction printmaking of digital visual arts images. This site contains information on printmaking new and traditional printmaking visual arts techniques. There is also printmaking a gallery showing examples.
  • Lies, Damn Lies, and Giclee Prints - For commercial reasons, some websites are spreading half-truths about the giclee technique. Here you can find some clarifications.
  • Printmakers - On-line discussion group, demonstrations and instructional information for printmaking all types visual arts of printmaking.
  • San Francisco Online Arts - Printmaking techniques and definitions - answers to \\'what visual arts is a print' and definitions for printmaking terms.
  • Strictly Limited Editions - Publishes and sells signed and numbered fine art printmaking prints. visual arts Includes artist biographies, some sample images, printmaking and terms of payment.
  • Graphic Arts Workshop - Fine Art Printmaking Cooperative in San Francisco offers visual arts gallery, history, news and membership information.
  • Print Council of America - Includes a variety of resources for the study visual arts of woodcuts, engravings, etchings, lithographs, and screenprints.
  • Nontoxic Printmaking - Comprehensive research resource and workshop guide to safer printmaking practices visual arts for artists, educators and printmakers.
  • Norwich Print Fair - Contemporary Fine Art Printmaking in Norfolk, UK. Includes arts a Guide printmaking to Printmaking, coming events and links arts to artists' websites.
  • California Society of Printmakers - A non-profit arts organization which promotes the appreciation visual arts of prints and printmaking.
  • Giclee - Technical and marketing advice on giclee printmaking for printmaking painters and visual arts photographers.
  • Printmaker's WebRing - A webring for pages devoted to the fine art of arts printmaking and prints.
  • Printing Without a Press - "Kitchen table" printmaking using inexpensive materials, and how to simulate several traditional printmaking techniques using a xerographic copier machine.
  • Smith, Robyn - Printmaking, painting and drawing workshops at studio based arts in the printmaking upper Blue Mountains. Gallery of mixed arts media fine art prints.
  • Chicago Printmakers Collaborative - Printmaking association offering workshops and classes in inklings, visual arts etching, printmaking lithography, screenprinting, monotype and Polaroid transfer. Offers visual arts an artists\\' printmaking print gallery and annual small print visual arts show.
  • Badnell, Olivia - Portfolio of artworks by printmaker/photographer with an interest printmaking in architectural spaces.
  • American Print Alliance - Information and resources about original prints, paperworks and visual arts artists\\' printmaking books for creators and collectors, including a visual arts gallery, exhibits, printmaking technical articles and index to their visual arts journal "Contemporary Impressions." printmaking The Alliance is a non-profit visual arts con
  • What Is A Print? - A discussion of print processes and terms, from the Philadelphia Printshop, Ltd.

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