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She incorporates photomicrography, X-rays, and elements of fifteenth-century scientific research on human circulation in her digital photography, intaglio and relief printmaking.

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See Also:
  • Vos, Twan de - A selection of the art of Twan de Vos, a printmaking graduate of the Academy of Art Arnhem, The Netherlands, featuring printmaking linocut and silkscreen prints, and several multi-media sculptures.
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  • Garvey, Christine - Varieties of printmaking,drawing and painting exploring the inexplicable printmakers human attraction printmaking to that which repulses.
  • Haas, Richard - Biography, paintings and prints using architectural subjects.
  • Kitic, Shayna - Shayna Kitic is an emerging young Australian artist visual arts whose artist books, drawing and printmaking use colourful, visual arts whimsical imagery.
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  • Nevill, Linda - UK artist working in intaglio processes (photopolymer and etchings)and monoprints. visual arts Advocates use of non-toxic materials.
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  • Saenz, Humberto - Themes on immigration issues and Mexican-American culture. Extensive printmakers gallery with variety of printmaking techniques, biography and printmakers exhibitions. Based in Texas, USA.
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  • Paradis, Isabelle - Montreal printmaker with gallery of works in etching, printmakers silkscreen and lithography.
  • Lorenz, Hilary - She incorporates photomicrography, X-rays, and elements of fifteenth-century printmakers scientific research printmaking on human circulation in her digital printmakers photography, intaglio and relief printmaking printmaking.
  • Swatland, Sally - Digital giclee images of original paintings by American visual arts artist with theme of children playing on visual arts the beach.
  • Bowen, Shelly - Artist blog with links to limited edition digital visual arts pigment prints from original drawings and art/craft resources. visual arts [Arts/Weblogs]
  • World Printmakers - Exhibition of contemporary printmakers from around the world. printmakers Supplemental information on printmaking history, techniques and printmakers terminology, and conservation of prints.
  • White, Pete - On-line portfolio featuring woodcuts, linocuts, intaglio prints, and collagraphs. Two visual arts of his favorite subjects are monkeys and Norse mythology.
  • Hamers, Huguette - Hand printed lithographs,etchings and collographs and combinations of these techniques. visual arts Biography, gallery and discussion of techniques.
  • Capova, Hana - Gallery of symbolic etchings, drawings and paintings by printmaking the Czech printmaking artist.
  • Franzini, Paula - Gallery of abstract digital art (printmaking and painting) inspired by printmakers science by Canadian artist.
  • Women Printmakers of Austin - The WPA site showcases the work of its printmakers members, to printmaking promote the organization, and the art printmakers of printmaking in Austin, printmaking Texas.
  • Allison Sloan Roberts - Allison Sloan Roberts is an young emerging artist printmaking who uses printmaking both traditional and digital printmaking techniques printmaking in her work. She printmaking is a current MFA printmaking candidate at RISD in printmaking.
  • Ruiz, Gerardo - Printmaker from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico works printmaking in mediums printmaking of drypoint, mezzotint, aquatint, etching and printmaking experimental techniques. Offers printmaking printmaking workshops.
  • Hampson, Mark - Mixed media printmaker based in London, England. Image gallery, artist profile, biography and reviews.
  • The Spanish Printmakers Collective - A site dedicated to contemporary printmakers working visual arts in Spain today, with general information on printmaking.
  • Wagner, Barbara - UK artist has a variety of fine art printmaking techniques visual arts on theme of human figure.
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  • Printmakers A-Z - Features an online collection of prints from Georgetown\'s printmaking collections.
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  • Po Chi Chu - A collection of works by Po Chi Chu which includes printmaking prints, handmade paper and installations.
  • Elgurt, Josef - Biography and gallery of prints and paintings from visual arts 1982 to 1999 by artist from Riga, Latvia.
  • May, Dan - Monoprints, linocuts, paintings, posters and gifts inspired by printmaking themes including printmaking temptation, dogs and the human condition.
  • Fisher, Bill - A variety of fine art prints and performance printmakers work by printmakers printmaker and educator.
  • Clarke, Helen - Reduction lino prints and etchings interpret the Australian landscape and printmaking flora. Includes gallery of images, biography and explanation of printmaking techniques.
  • Halstead, Don - D. Halstead Artworks inkjet prints are created from visual arts original videography, and are intended to emulate traditional visual arts serigraphs.

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