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Lithographs by Swiss printmaker, many of which use Citroën vehicles for a subject. Site also has photos of him at work on a stone in his studio, and of several metal sculptures.

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  • Bergundthal, Marc - Lithographs by Swiss printmaker, many of which use printmakers Citroën vehicles lithography for a subject. Site also has printmakers photos of him at lithography work on a stone printmakers in his studio, and of several lithography metal sculptures.
  • Bim, Tomas - Exhibiting brightly colored and whimsical lithography.
  • Hoffner, Carl - Lithographs of landscapes from Central New York and lithography surrounding states, using full color multi-plate lithography. He lithography includes a series of photos that show how lithography the plate is inked, the paper is registered lithography and the impression is pulled.
  • DuBose, David - An artist printmaker from Lubbock, Texas, now living printmaking and working printmaking in Northern Ireland. Features a gallery printmaking of his lithographs and printmaking curriculum vitae
  • Netopil, Zdenìk - Czech artist specializing in symbolic, semi-abstract lithography.
  • Wayne, June - Founder of Tamarind Lithography Workshop, in New Mexico. Exhibitions, articles, printmaking reviews, awards and a gallery of selected works plus "My printmaking Palomar Series".
  • Born, Adolf - Portfolio of stylized narrative lithographs.
  • Liesler, Josef - Czech artist exhibiting a collection of symbolic lithographs.
  • Oseguera, Sandra - A gallery of limited edition lithographs in color. lithography They are printmaking hand-pulled from limestone and use a lithography variety of methods and printmaking techniques..
  • Kulhánek, Oldrich - Portfolio of figurative, portrait, and still life modern printmakers lithographs.

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