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Australian print artist who uses traditional and digital media to create prints and artist books. Published Printmaking with Photopolymer Plates in 1998, an introductory book on a new, safe, versatile printmaking technique for artists and students.

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See Also:
  • Drope, Götz - Printmaker from Berlin, Germany. Gallery of multi-plate etchings printmaking and sculptures, biography and exhibitions.
  • Vaughan, Stephen - Extensive gallery of Irish artist\\'s combined intaglio/screenprints. Includes biography and galleries.
  • Stroud, Judith - British Printmaker based in Wales. Recent biography, gallery intaglio of original prints using intaglio processes.
  • Jones, Claude - Intaglio and digital printmaking techniques with wax. Brief biography, CV, intaglio information about exhibitions and links to galleries.
  • Piranesi, Giovanni Battista - Copper etchings from his "Camini" and "Vedute di Roma" and "Vases, Candelabras and Urns" series. The "Vedute di Roma - Text" section contains a brief biography, 1720 - 1778. Site is by Philographikon, antiquarian bo
  • Moonberry - Displays Mineyo Uemura\\'s etchings about his imaginary world. printmakers Includes profile intaglio of the Japanese artist.
  • Gubarev, Vitaliy - Gallery of etchings, drawings and paintings by Russian intaglio artist Vitaliy printmaking Gubarev.
  • Wrathmell, Annette - Artist and printmaker from UK specialises in etchings and carborundum intaglio prints with a landscape theme.
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  • Slater, Ron - Examples of work by Portland, Maine printmaker Ron Slater, printmakers with information about upcoming venues and exhibits. The page printmakers includes links to other art resources.
  • Keller, Marisa - Etchings, monoprints and mixed media prints inspired by printmakers the environment intaglio by Dutch artist Marisa Keller.
  • Steeves, Dan - An intaglio printmaker living and working in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada. Artist\\'s curriculum vitae, publications and images from past and current exhibitions.
  • Longley, Dianne - Australian print artist who uses traditional and digital printmaking media to intaglio create prints and artist books. Published printmaking Printmaking with Photopolymer Plates intaglio in 1998, an introductory printmaking book on a new, safe, versatile intaglio printmaking technique printmaking for artists and students.

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