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Reliefs, metal sculptures, wall art, artistic gates, railings, screens and other focal pieces designed and built to last by artist-metalsmith.

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  • Evans, Phill - Kinetic wind sculpture and static, public art projects sculptors in California.
  • Hein, Nathaniel - Large scale work primarily in aluminum, copper, and various metals steel with flowing curves and vivid colors.
  • N'Kele, Augie - African-born artist now living in Texas, producing contemporary sculpture, painting, and etching. Biography, portfolio and press comments.
  • Efrat, Gadi - Figurative works, and functional design; various styles of sculptors Shabat and Chanuka candlesticks.
  • Satow, Heath - Design, fabrication and installation of public sculpture, metal sculpture and sculptors architectural elements in various metals and other materials.
  • Mors, John - Works in mixed metals based on architectural forms; sculptors religious art; various metals special interest in primitive art.
  • Mazzilli, Roslyn - Abstract metal sculpture in scales from monumental to various metals smaller. Painted aluminum or stainless steel, fountain sculpture, various metals public art, commissions.
  • Field, Kathryn - Sensuous, evocative figurative sculpture in bronze and other various metals media for sale to individual and corporate collectors. various metals Commissions executed nationwide.
  • Whiston, Jules - British creator of steel sculpture and wrought iron furniture and various metals specializing in fish and aquatic themed sculptures. Includes biography, photo various metals gallery and contact details.
  • Hunt Wildlife Studios - Displays limited edition bronze sculpture, fabricated metal sculpture various metals and metals stained glass by Bill and Rebecca Hunt.
  • Strong-Cuevas, Elizabeth - Offers a visual survey of the artists work, various metals with writings on the sculpture, and bibliographical resources.
  • Grisez, Catherine - Holloware metal sculpture inspired by both existing natural forms and personal experience.
  • Shaw, Andrew - Industrial pieces, by this British artist are created metals from discarded metal components to produce industrious, heavy metals sculptures. Features include FAQ, online catalog, biography and metals contact information.
  • Kappel, Dick - Welded metal sculpture featuring wildlife, stylized human figures, and Southwestern various metals themes.
  • Zaugg, Martin - Hanging metal mobiles and sculptures.
  • Makemson, Doug - Georgia artist creating one of a kind scrap various metals metal various metals sculptures of animals and figures from monumental various metals to table various metals and wall size.
  • Clarson, Mark - Based in Chicago, Illinois, this sculptor works in sculptors fabricated steel, metals cast aluminum and bronze. Includes photo sculptors gallery, biography and contact metals e-mail.
  • Alwyn, Alexandros - Portrait of the sculptor living on the Greek island of various metals Kos and photographs of selected sculptures.
  • Bush, Steve - Abstract and representational sculpture in metal and functional decorative iron metals work by this Ohio based artist. Includes photo galleries, testimonials, metals artist\'s profile, printable brochure and contact information.
  • Rose, Timothy - Mobiles and room environments by California artist Timothy various metals Rose. Work includes commissions, one-of-a-kind, and replicated hanging various metals sculpture covering his 30 year exhibition history.
  • Ubertino, Caesar - Monumental works, mostly fountains, in bronze, copper, and various metals in steel; includes overview of the characteristics of various metals these metals.
  • Clark, Bill - Robot sculptures made from auto parts including robot metals dogs, cats, various metals flowers, jazz musicians and other metals metal sculptures. Available for various metals purchase or display.
  • Mishler, John - Gallery of kinetic sculptures, mobiles, and art furniture metals in stainless steel and aluminum.
  • FluffyMetal. - Beautiful metal work by women.
  • Gerakaris, Dimitri - Reliefs, metal sculptures, wall art, artistic gates, railings, screens and other focal pieces designed and built to last by artist-metalsmith.
  • Blank, Thomas - Swiss Artist. Sculptures , Paintings, Curriculum, Texts, Contemporary various metals Art sculptors Contemporary Art, Metal Sculptures various metals and Paintings sculptors by Swiss Artist Thomas Blank.
  • Bandana / Yardbirds - Creating birds, critters, and sculptures using recycled materials.
  • Titanium Sculpture - Fine art and functional objects made from titanium sculptors and other earth elements.
  • Scarpa Studios - Custom made fine and functional art, including furniture, architectural metalwork, metals and hardware.
  • Searles, John - Contemporary and abstract wall sculpture using copper with various metals various patina techniques, aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Designs In Metal - A metal art gallery featuring works by Dan metals Zunterstein including various metals Pacific Northwest scapes, nautical art, and metals nature.
  • Syprian - Welded steel, brass and silver solder, small scale images of the human form.
  • Peleg, Ephraim - Indoor and outdoor stabile and interactive metal sculpture and paintings.
  • Benedict, Esther - Indoor and outdoor metal sculptures and wall hangings of wildlife, horses and western subjects in steel and bronze.
  • Coon, Robert - Bright, colorful, abstract outdoor painted metal sculptures.
  • Katz, Janie - Lizard Breath Ranch is the home of Re in CARn ART - metal sculptures of animals, saints and angels by New Mexico artist cut from the roofs and hoods of old trucks.
  • Forrai, Steven - Metal artwork, corporate sculpture and functional design located sculptors in Southern various metals Orange County, California.
  • Sahaja - Mythical figures from scrap metal, in a variety of sizes including installations.
  • Harush Shlomo - Photo gallery of works by sculptor artist Harush various metals Shlomo.

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