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Ongoing quarterly contests require entrants to submit a short story within 24 hours of the topic's notification. $5 entry fee. Cash prizes total $750 for first, second and third places.

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  • Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition - An annual contest for original, unpublished stories up to 3,000 short stories words in length, open to writers who have not yet short stories achieved major market success. Cash prizes total $2,000. Entry fee: short stories $10. Deadline mid-May.
  • True Life Story Contest - A short story contest looking for true life contests stories in writers resources the categories of friendships, animals, Christmas, contests and amazing coincidences. Prizes writers resources of $1,000, $500, and contests $250 (Canadian) will be awarded for writers resources winning submissions contests received on or before August 30, 2004.
  • Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine Contest - Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine seeks short stories in the mystery genre of 5,000 words or less. Prizes total $450 cash plus free subscriptions and possible publication. Entry fee: $15. Deadline: October 31.
  • Words Magazine - Seeks original short stories for various themed contests writers resources throughout short stories the year. Limit: 2,000 words. Accepts IRCs writers resources for entry short stories fees.
  • Annual Short-Story Contest - Seeks Science-Fiction/Fantasy stories. Deadline: May 31, 2004. Entry Fee: $10. Cash prizes total $850.
  • Cadenza Magazine Short Story Competition - Seeks original, unpublished stories, not exceeding 4,000 words. short stories Open writers resources theme (but no children\\'s stories). Cash prizes short stories total 350 writers resources English pounds. Entry fee: 5 pounds short stories (or equivalent). Deadline: writers resources March 31.
  • Zoetrope: Literary Short Fiction Contest - All entries must be unpublished; no longer than 5,000 words; postmarked by October 1; accompanied by a $15 entry fee per story. 1st Prize: $1,000. 2nd Prize: $500. 3rd Prize: $250.
  • Momaya Press - The Momaya Annual Review seeks original short stories short stories on any theme. Limit: 2,500 words. Deadline July short stories 1. Prizes total $300. Entry fee: $10
  • Springtime Writers - If judged entertaining and well-written, publishes short stories short stories or writers resources excerpts on-line. No entry fees or royalties.
  • Fish Publishing - Provides information on the international annual short story contests contest which short stories every year offers a significant cash contests prize and publishes an short stories anthology of the winning contests stories.
  • Mixed: Stories About Being Biracial or Multiracial in America - The stories must not exceed 8,000 words and contests must speak either directly or indirectly about what contests it is to be biracial or multiracial in contests the United States. Prize money will be awarded contests to the winner ($500) and each author published contests in an Anthology ($200). De
  • SpecFicWorld's Annual Speculative Fiction Contest - Science Fiction, Fantasy and/or Horror stories up to 10,000 words short stories are required. Entry fee: $6. Cash prizes total $325. Deadline: short stories March 15.
  • Author Mania Writing Contest - A cash prize of $1,000 plus publication is offered for a short story on any topic. Maximum length: 5,000 words. Entry fee: $20. Closing date: March 31, 2005. Open to U.S. residents only.
  • Tom Howard Short Story Contest - Seeks original stories and essays, up to 8,000 words, either short stories published or unpublished. Winning and commended works will be published short stories in an anthology. Cash prizes total $2,575. Entry fee: $10. short stories Deadline: March 31, 2005.
  • Intergeneration Foundation's Annual Storytelling Contest - Open to all ages, this short story contest writers resources is writers resources designed to promote intergenerational understanding. Maximum length: writers resources 750 words. writers resources Cash prizes total $700. No entry writers resources fees. Deadline: June writers resources 30, 2004.
  • $5000 Literati Short Story Competition - A short story contest for original, unpublished manuscripts writers resources of less than 3,000 words, offering significant cash, writers resources publication and publishing prizes. Closes September 15, 2004. writers resources Entry fee: $10.
  • Glimmer Train Awards for Fiction - Glimmer Train Press offers a number of awards for literary short stories short fiction each year. The prize money for short stories short stories less than 2,000 words, for example, totals $2,000. A reading short stories fee of $10 is required. The Press is also open short stories for submissions where no upfr
  • The Munster Literature Centre - Details the Sean O\\'Faolain Short Story Competition with two thousand writers resources Euros in prizes. Limit: 3,000 words. Deadline: July 31.
  • Word Smitten Flash Fiction Competition - Word Smitten offers a Flash Fiction Contest of 500 words contests or less. Prize: $150. Contest re-opens: February, 2004. Deadline: May contests 1.
  • Toasted Cheese Fiction Contests - Toasted Cheese Literary Journal currently offers three short story contests short stories on given themes, each year. No entry fees. Modest prizes. short stories Deadlines vary.
  • WritersWeekly 24-Hour Short Story Contest - Ongoing quarterly contests require entrants to submit a writers resources short story within 24 hours of the topic\\'s writers resources notification. $5 entry fee. Cash prizes total $750 writers resources for first, second and third places.

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