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A free online community for fantasy writers to post their work and receive comments. Features monthly contests, forums and a directory of member pages.

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  • Medieval Sourcebook - Information on all aspects of medieval history and fiction society.
  • Gorok and Wulf Host a Blog - An aspiring author\\'s weblog about writing her fantasy novels. Includes information about avoiding scams aimed at writers and rants about the fantasy and romance scenes.
  • Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions - An in-depth compilation of questions to help the fantasy writer science fiction and fantasy create a believable imaginary setting.
  • Fantasy Writers Corner - A place for fantasy writers to gather.
  • Dragons and Such Writers Club - A place for people who write fantasy.
  • The Fantasy Writing Forum - This board is dedicated to the fantasy writer science fiction and fantasy and reader. Anything from world-creation to character development, science fiction and fantasy market questions or just plain advice is welcome science fiction and fantasy here. Part of Inkspot Writers\\' Community Forums. science fiction and fantasy Free registration.
  • Suite 101: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Articles and resources for fantasy and science fiction fiction readers and science fiction and fantasy writers.
  • Tribe: Fantasy Books - A tribe for fantasy lit fans and writers.
  • Fantasy Writers - This discussion mailing list is for aspiring, new and seasoned fantasy writers of Fantasy to share thoughts and resources to help fantasy each other with their writing.

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