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The affordable, compact, fault-tolerant and easy-to-read IK2000 allows pilots to instantly assess -- in one quick scan -- whether all systems are "in the green."

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  • Bridging Worlds, Inc. - Producing a 14V-28V converter designed for homebuilt aircraft.
  • Aviation Development Corporation - Oil filter systems, spin-on oil filters and chip general aviation detectors aircraft and components for light aircraft.
  • Butler Parachute Systems, Inc. - Producer of personal emergency parachutes.
  • Poly-Fiber Aircraft Coatings - Producing classic fabric covering and doping materials.
  • Plane Plastics, Ltd. - Supplier of FAA approved plastic cabin liner components components and parts for General Aviation Aircraft.
  • FFC - Manufacturer of replacement fuel bladders for mass produced aircraft.
  • David Hoffman Products - Manufacturer of a panel mounted cockpit light.
  • Dennis Ashby - Makes an aircraft instrument panel glare shield and general aviation an aircraft instrument wind-lock device.
  • Isham Aircraft - Manufacturer of Cessna and Piper modifications including digital aircraft and components general aviation tachometer and aircraft tools.
  • KRN Aviation Services - Provider of general aviation aircraft parts including Cessna, components and parts general aviation Piper, Citation, Falcon, Caravan, Beechcraft, and Lear.
  • Abby Air - Chute pack system, trim adjuster and onboard wind aircraft and components components and parts indicator for powered parachutes.
  • Real World Solutions, Inc. - Manufacturers of equipment that assists the conversion of aircraft and components general aviation a Mazda Rotary engine for aviation use.
  • Teledyne Continental Motors - Manufacture, sales, service, and support of aircraft engines, batteries, and general aviation ignition systems.
  • Aviation Power Systems - Electrical system control, monitoring, distribution, and regulation in a single general aviation unit.
  • Krucker Manufacturing Limited - Manufacturer of floats for trike style ultralight aircraft.
  • Visual Instruments, LLC - Manufacturers of a flap indicator for Cessnas and LED voltage monitors.
  • Kitchener Aero - Sales, installation and certifications of avionics systems for general aviation general aviation and small business jets.
  • Sacramento Sky Ranch - Distributor of aircraft parts and services
  • AirSport Avionics - Manufacturer of portable altitude alerters/transponder monitors for general aviation.
  • Alpha Aviation, Inc. - Offers a range of hydraulic aircraft jacks.
  • Aerocet Inc. - Floats are constructed with composite materials and are general aviation fully components and parts certified for the Cessna 180, 182, 185, general aviation and 206.
  • Skyquest Aviation - Specialist supplier of airborne surveillance equipment including LCD displays, video components and parts recorders, and FLIR cameras.
  • MukTuk Floats - Plans and kits for ultralight aircraft floats as well as fully assembled items.
  • BAS Inc. - Aircraft safety equipment and accessories FAA-STC/PMA for single components and parts engine Cessna. Product descriptions and images, testimonials and components and parts contact information.
  • Mountain High Equipment and Supply Co. - Carry-on and installed oxygen delivery systems for high altitude activities.
  • Ralmark Company - Manufacturers of precision pulleys for aircraft control systems aircraft and components components and parts and industrial system applications.
  • Aerox Oxygen Systems - Oxygen systems for light aircraft and general aviation.
  • Nulite - Manufacturer of FAA approved instrument lighting that can components and parts general aviation be installed by the owner/operator.
  • Strube, Inc. - supplier of aircraft instruments and parts, autopilot components and testers, and FAA repair shop.
  • EM aviation, LLC - Producing an angle of attack indication and warning system.
  • Quiet Technologies - Manufacturers of the Ultraflite headband, a novel alternative to conventional components and parts aviation headsets.
  • Coffeyville Aircraft, Inc. - Citation aft baggage kit and zephyr air conditioner installation specialists.
  • Burl's Aircraft Rebuild - Designs, engineers and manufactures FAA approved parts for light aircraft.
  • Becker Avionics - Manufacturer of radio electronics, COM, NAV, XPDR and aircraft and components GPS-based moving maps, for the general aviation aircraft and components markets. Based in Germany.
  • I-K Technologies - The affordable, compact, fault-tolerant and easy-to-read IK2000 allows aircraft and components pilots to instantly assess -- in one quick aircraft and components scan -- whether all systems are "in the aircraft and components green."
  • Air Tech Coatings Inc. - Aircraft fabric covering and painting specialists.

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