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  • Borgelt Instruments - Manufacturing variometers and flight computers.
  • Peschges Instruments - Developers of the VP series of soaring computer.
  • AW Avionics - Suppliers of surplus/used artificial horizons and associated instruments for sailplanes.
  • Taskfinder Software - Windows software for glider pilots. Taskfinder software produces components and parts general aviation GPS flight recorder analysis, task setting, task distance components and parts general aviation and thermal analysis.
  • Skylaunch - Glider winch manufacturer.
  • Avionics REMF - Manufacturers of small and light transponders and transceivers soaring designed for components and parts gliders and ultralights.
  • Knauff & Grove - Soaring Supplies.
  • EW Avionics UK - Produce IGC compatible GPS Loggers.
  • Microair Electronics Pty. Ltd. (New Zealand) - Manufacturer of aviation avionics and associated equipment.
  • Filser Electronic GmbH - Designers and manufacturers of VHF radios, electronic variometers with GPS soaring Receivers and integrated glideslope calculators.
  • SeeYou - Post flight evaluation and planning software.
  • Garrecht Ingenieurgesellschaft - Producers of the Volkslogger GPS data logger.
  • Tasman Instruments - Produces variometers and combustion engine exhaust gas temperature soaring gauges.
  • Cambridge Aero Instruments - Sailplane instruments as well as flight computers, and general aviation flight components and parts recorders with the associated analysis software.
  • Seagull Navigation - NASA40 moving map for general aviation.
  • Shirenewton - Trailers for sailplanes, gliders, microlight and specialist commercial soaring applications.
  • Ball Variometers, Inc. - Manufacturers of various styles of variometer as well general aviation as general aviation supplying all kinds of glider avionics.
  • Crabb Computing - Agents for WinPilot, VolksLogger and Garmax.
  • Ilec GmbH - Manufacturer of variometers and glide computers.

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