Manufacturing Avionics Systems Aircraft and Components

Manufacturer of aircraft and simulator instruments also offering repair, overhaul and modification services as well as buying and selling surplus instruments and hardware.

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See Also:
  • Southern Avionics Company - Manufacturer of non directional radiobeacons and associated products.
  • Bendix/King - Manufacturing a vast range of navigation and communications equipment including flight control systems, glideslope receivers, GPWS, TCAS and weather radar systems.
  • Electronics International Inc. - Producing a range of primary replacement aircraft engine manufacturing instruments.
  • J.P. Instruments - Manufacturer of fuel flow and engine temperature gauges.
  • Trizan Electronics - Supplier and support organization for SEFAC brand passenger paging systems.
  • L-3 Communications - Specializes in high-speed real-time telemetry, avionics, and data acquisition equipment.
  • Aircraft Audio Panels and Intercoms - Manufacturing audio panels and intercoms designed for both voice and manufacturing music.
  • Securaplane Technologies Inc. - Supplier of video camera and security systems, radios, systems and collision avoidance systems for aircraft ground operations.
  • Inertial Sensor Products - Accelerometers, inertial measurement units (IMU), thermal switches for commercial, industrial, military, energy, and global aerospace applications
  • Hotek Technologies - Manufacture of custom test panels to test avionics instruments and avionics accessories.Representative/Distributor of avionics related test equipment.
  • Val Avionics - Manufacturer of cockpit and base transceivers as well as an avionics integrated navigation instrument.
  • Electronic Cable Specialists, Inc. - Designs and manufactures avionics wiring harnesses and RF cable assemblies.
  • Honeywell - Manufacturer of civil and military avionics and other aerospace products, systems integrator and also service provider.
  • Air Data Inc. - Manufactures advanced avionic equipment for airliners, corporate and avionics military aircraft, manufacturing and helicopters. Products include flight computers, avionics electronic controllers, and cabin manufacturing air purifying systems.
  • Kollsman, Inc. - Avionics and electro-optic instrumentation and systems for aerospace, defense systems and medical instrumentation.
  • Lone Star Aviation - Manufacturing avionics docking stations, cooling fans, and noise filters.
  • Sensor Systems, Inc. - Manufacturers of all kinds of aviation antennas.
  • Malwin Electronics Corp. - Manufacturer of aircraft and simulator instruments also offering manufacturing repair, overhaul manufacturing and modification services as well as manufacturing buying and selling surplus manufacturing instruments and hardware.
  • Kaiser Electronics - Designer and manufacturer of advanced cockpit and helmet avionics mounted display manufacturing systems.
  • Honeywell EGPWS - Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System. Product overview, installation avionics information, STCs and service bulletins.

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