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A Non-Profit Corporation to operate a fish hatchery to increase and perpetuate the native runs of steelhead and chinook salmon in the Smith River.

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  • Dragon Fish Industry - Dragonfish and Asian Arowana breeding farm . Includes breeders photograph gallery, breeders FAQs and related links . Located breeders in Singapore.
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  • Yuen Fat Fisheries - Exporters of tropical fish. Hong Kong, China.
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  • Delta Pride - A Mississippi farmer-owned cooperative which raises and distributes catfish.
  • Azienda Agricola Pisani Dossi - Breeds and exports sturgeons, ornamentals, and trout as fish well as freshwater fertilized eggs and yolk sacs. Milano, fish Italy.
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  • Country Fish Farms - Specializes in recreational pond and lake fish, sports fish, and breeders game fish stocking in south central Missouri.
  • Ornamental Fish - Fish farm operators, importers, and exporters of fancy freshwater Chinese goldfish, fish koi, and some tropical fish.
  • Aqua Point Fish Farm - A hatchery based in Wisconsin USA specializing in fish perch and freshwater hybrid bluegills for pond stocking and fish commercial grow-out.
  • Fishgen Ltd - Develop and supply broodstock and seed for aquaculture, including male breeders only Tilapia. Company and product information, contacts.
  • Troutlodge, Inc. - Produce trout eggs and broodstock. Includes company history, news and technical bulletins .
  • Luo's Goldfish Farm - Breeder and exporter of Chinese fancy goldfish, Guang Dong Province, freshwater China. Photos of product, contacts.
  • Clear Springs Foods, Inc. - Vertically integrated company offer farming, feed manufacturing, processing , and breeders research for the production of rainbow trout.
  • Spruce Creek Fish Farm - Producer of fingerlings for a number of game breeders fish species in Minnesota. List of species, shipping breeders information, contacts.
  • Birch Creek Deer Farm - Pennsylvania trout hatchery providing fresh prepared or live rainbow, brook, breeders brown and steelhead trout.
  • Colorfish - Hatchery in Hungary specializing in goldfish, koi and European freshwater fish. Contacts, photogallery.
  • Schultz's Fish Hatchery - Located in Northeast Pennsylvania, specializing in pond and breeders lake stocking. List of available species, general information, breeders contacts.
  • Cantrell Creek Trout Farm and Hatchery - Regional stocking and hatchery service of Rainbow Trout in Western freshwater North Carolina and surrounding areas .
  • Aqua Bounty Farms Inc. - Develop fish for aquaculture with improved growth rates freshwater and other fish economically desirable traits through the use freshwater of gene constructs. Includes fish reference materials, and links freshwater to related articles and resources .
  • Henneke Fish Hatchery and Tree Farm - Breeder and Supplier of a variety of freshwater fish fish species, fish in Halletsville, Texas. Product information and fish contacts.

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