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Manufactures and retails hydroponic gardening supplies for hobby and commercial growers worldwide, with an emphasis on promoting clean water and recycling resources.

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  • Carlin Sales Corporation - Supplies for greenhouses, nurseries, lawns and gardens, and materials and supplies horticulture landscapers. Additional services include greenhouse construction and pre-filled materials and supplies horticulture containers.
  • Autogrow Systems Ltd - Manufacturers of hydroponic dosers, test equipment and controllers for greenhouse materials and supplies automation.
  • American Horticultural Supply, Inc. - Wholesale distributor of hard goods for the green industry.
  • Grodan - Hydroponics - Manufacturer of hydroponic substrates, services and consultancy to the global hydroponics horticultural growing industry for protected crops.
  • General Hydroponics - Major manufacturer of hydroponic equipment, supplies and nutrients, distributed through dealers worldwide.
  • The Hydromall - Searchable database contains over 500 hydroponic store listings hydroponics worldwide, as horticulture well as an abundance of articles hydroponics and links.
  • CareFree Gardens - Provides equipment, training and supplies to grow plants a better horticulture way. Our selective use of technology enables you to grow horticulture bigger and better plants using hydroponics, rather than traditional soil-based horticulture agriculture.
  • 77HYDRO - An indoor garden site specializing in hydroponics. Offers questions and answers on hydroponics and indoor garden lights, as well as product information.
  • PurLec Hydroculture - Offers a range of potting products, instruments, and nutrients for business and residential interior plantscapes. Canada.
  • American Hydroponics - Manufactures and retails hydroponic gardening supplies for hobby hydroponics and commercial horticulture growers worldwide, with an emphasis on hydroponics promoting clean water and horticulture recycling resources.
  • Hydroponics Online - Hydroponics tutorials, forums, and garden designs. Includes photos and grower bulletin boards.
  • Hydroasis - Full-service hydroponic and organic gardening. Specialize in indoor lighting, hydroponic materials and supplies systems, quality nutrients, and organics for hobby and commercial growers. materials and supplies Secure online ordering, ships everywhere.
  • Hydrofarm - Major manufacturer of hydroponic systems, supplies and high-intensity hydroponics halide, sodium, and fluorescent plant grow lights for hydroponics indoor gardening.
  • Hummert International - Hummert International is a commercial distributor of horticultural horticulture supplies and equipment. Fertilizers, chemical applicators, greenhouses, HVAC horticulture equipment, lawn and garden supplies, soil conditioners.
  • Greentrees Hydroponics - Grow lights, indoor gardening, and supplies for the hydroponics home grower.
  • Eco Enterprises - Eco Enterprises carries a large inventory of hydroponic materials and supplies hydroponics nutrients, lighting systems, hydroponic systems, ph controls, C02, materials and supplies hydroponics Organics, Rockwool growing mediums, and Propagation supplies.
  • Albuquerque Hydroponics and Lighting - Offers a large selection of hydroponic systems, supplies horticulture and indoor plant grow lights.
  • Homegrown Hydroponics - Hydroponic equipment, nutrients, lights, and grow info. for materials and supplies materials and supplies beginners and experts.

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