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Manufacture a range of aluminum pipe; gated, dragline, grooved end, latch style, and no latch style. Includes product specifications and technical data.

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  • Drip-Well L&M Manufacturing, Inc. - Automatic turbine pump oiler providing superior well lubrication.
  • P & R Surge Systems, Inc. - Manufacturer of Surge irrigation valves and controllers.
  • G D Plastics - Manufactures and distributes irrigation and reticulation products, as irrigation equipment well as water filtration units for use in irrigation equipment the home. Product details and company news.
  • Lake Company - Manufacture a range of aluminum pipe; gated, dragline, equipment and supplies agriculture and forestry grooved end, latch style, and no latch style. equipment and supplies agriculture and forestry Includes product specifications and technical data.
  • DAZOC - Durable, polyvinyl gated irrigation pipe and color-coded PVC agriculture and forestry equipment and supplies pipe fittings.
  • Aquarius Brands, Inc. - Manufacturer of irrigation systems and fluid handling products.
  • Cobbco Sales Co. - Distributor and manufacturer of agricultural irrigation equipment and agriculture and forestry accessories.
  • ECH2O Soil Moisture Probes - Moisture monitoring systems and tools for long-term monitoring agriculture and forestry and irrigation scheduling. Includes moisture probes, dataloggers, rain agriculture and forestry gauges, temperature sensors.
  • Southern Cross Industries - South African supplier of windmills, windpumps and irrigation agriculture and forestry irrigation equipment equipment. Includes an online store.
  • Inject-O-Meter - Chemigation systems and injection pumps.
  • TrueFog, USA - Fog and mist nozzles and pumps for cooling irrigation equipment greenhouses, outdoor cooling, odor control, dust suppression, and irrigation equipment dairy cow cooling.
  • IDROFOGLIA Irrigation Systems - Manufacturer of irrigation machines and systems and motor pump sets.
  • Reinke Manufacturing - Makers of self-propelled center pivot and lateral move irrigation equipment.
  • - Manufacturer of 0-100 GPH fertigation and chemigation injectors. equipment and supplies irrigation equipment Online sales and spare parts available.
  • De Leon Irrigation Supply, Inc. - Ag and drip irrigation dealership. Includes drip irrigation installation tips.
  • Rain Bird - Manufacturer of agricultural irrigation equipment.
  • Wade Rain Irrigation - Manufacturer, distributor and seller of irrigation products in agriculture and forestry the U.S. and abroad.
  • Hi-Tech Irrigation, Inc. - Sales, service, installation, and design company serving the equipment and supplies U.S., Mexico, and Central America.
  • RAESA (Irrigation systems) - Manufactures and distributes sprinkling irrigation systems and aluminum agriculture and forestry equipment and supplies profiles. Production in Spain and Argentina. [Spanish/English/French]
  • Hayden Manufacturing Co. - Manufacturer of cranberry equipment and supplies located in West Wareham, Massachusetts.
  • Smith Irrigation Equipment - Water-Reel self-traveling sprinkler systems for one to thirty acres on irrigation equipment sports fields, horse riding arenas, pasture, nurseries, sod farms, farms, irrigation equipment ranches and large estates.
  • Palaplast - Sell irrigation products, including filters, sprinklers, water pipes, valves, saddles, agriculture and forestry fittings,and drippers. Page includes company profile and news. agriculture and forestry [English, Greece]
  • Mid-Atlantic Irrigation - Agricultural irrigation parts, products, and accessories available online.
  • Waterdog Irrigation equipment - Seller of new and used agricultural irrigation equipment located in irrigation equipment Littlefield, Texas.
  • Benparts Irrigation Specialists - Australian company offering water, chemical, and fertilizer services.
  • Drip In - Manufacturer of dripline with the built-in emitters.
  • Eurodrip Group - European manufacturer of polyethylene dripper pipe.
  • Chemigation Systems International - Manufactures chemigation and fertigation equipment, fertilizer and chemical agriculture and forestry injectors, mix tanks, and mobile injection systems for agriculture and forestry agriculture and turf.
  • T-L Irrigation Company - Manufacturers of advanced irrigation equipment and galvanizing services.
  • Dean Bennett Supply Company - Distributor of Aeromotor windmills, plus Zoeller and F&W pumps.
  • REGAMATIC Irrigation - Argentine company producing automatic irrigation machines.
  • Netafim USA - Manufacturer of agricultural, landscape, and greenhouse irrigation equipment and drip equipment and supplies systems.
  • International Irrigation Systems, Inc. - Custom-build and order irrigation systems using the Irrigro agriculture and forestry online store. Design systems for small gardens and agriculture and forestry landscaping to large commercial grower installations.
  • Stearns Irrigation - Provides irrigation and drainage design services and supplies equipment and supplies agriculture and forestry to the agricultural, turf, and environmental markets.

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