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Manufacture the Poldaw windpump intended for applications in developing countries where it delivers benefits of low maintenance, value for money and minimal environmental impact.

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  • Superior Windmill, Inc. - Regina, Saskatchewan [Canada] manufacturer of windmill aeration systems pumps help clean and circulate water in ponds, lakes, pumps dugouts, golf courses, farms and fish hatcheries. FAQ.
  • Neale Consulting Engineers - Manufacture the Poldaw windpump intended for applications in developing countries renewable where it delivers benefits of low maintenance, value for money renewable and minimal environmental impact.
  • Airlift Technologies - Manufacture air lift water pumping windmills .
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  • G B Windpumps - Manufacture the Poldaw range of Windpumps in the renewable UK. These pumps pumps deliver benefits of low maintenance, renewable value for money and pumps minimal environmental impact.
  • Gerdes Windmill & Construction - Located in McLean, Nebraska, We have been in the Aermotor renewable windmill business for over 20 years, with new and rebuilt renewable parts, and we have over 13 years in the grain renewable bin and irrigation construction business.
  • Big Country Windmills - Supply new, used and vintage windmills and obsolete parts.
  • Turbex Rotary Windwill - Uses helical rotary pump to pump water from renewable depths of more than 200 meters or to renewable generate electricity, even in low winds. Manufactured in renewable South Africa.
  • Aureka - Metal workshop in the international township of Auroville and manufactures renewable wind pumps and compressed earth block presses and other equipment renewable supportive of sustainability.
  • Southern Cross - Southern Cross Pumping and Irrigation is a division of Tyco Flow Control Pacific, and specialise in four major areas: Pumping, Irrigation, Tanks, Windmills
  • Texas Windmills - Builds wooden windmill towers. Also offers Aeromotor mill and metal towers for sale. Includes product and contact information.
  • Koenders Windmills - Makes dugout windmills and pumps. Provides contact details wind and information renewable on dealers and products.
  • Dobbs Windmill and Pump Service - Dempster and Aeromotor water well repair service and parts.
  • Ferguson Windmills Company - Manufacture water pumping windmills .
  • Garzamotor Windmills - We are a factory in Mexico that produces windmills for renewable water extraction and other farm related products.
  • Joe Mescan Windmill - Pond Aeration Windmills.
  • Ecolab Energies - French manufacturer of waterpumping windmills. Features described in renewable English, French, and German.
  • Outdoor Water Solutions - Springdale, Arkansas [US] manufacturer of aeration windmills and pumps pond care products links to dealer locations.
  • Dean Bennett Supply - Offer Aermotor and Fiasa windmills, the ideal livestock renewable water source for cattle and sheep. Complete selection renewable of repair parts.

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