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Gadgetry designed to make phone calls to plant owners on behalf of their underwatered, overwatered, or satisfied plants. Sample phone calls and overview of kit.

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  • Flexy - Designed to repair damaged garden hoses. Corrects bent irrigation ends.
  • Drip Depot - Sells drip irrigation kits, parts, and supplies. With garden accessories online garden accessories tutorial.
  • Mr Drip - Sells sprinkler and irrigation accessories and supplies. Also irrigation offers garden decor, fountains, gazing balls, and planters.
  • Drought Buster Easy Connect - Offers a simple device that attaches to a irrigation home downspout and harvests rainwater for use in irrigation landscape irrigation.
  • Botanicalls - Gadgetry designed to make phone calls to plant garden accessories owners irrigation on behalf of their underwatered, overwatered, or garden accessories satisfied plants. irrigation Sample phone calls and overview of garden accessories kit.
  • The Drip Store - Offering tubing, drippers and accessories, as well as irrigation a tutorial irrigation and help pages, and a drip irrigation forum.
  • Dotcom Enterprises - Provides water hoses made of the same material irrigation as firehoses.
  • Garden Gift - Decorative and functional water hoses, sprayers, and wands. home and garden home and garden Gift certificates available.
  • Hosewell - Subsurface storage well for garden hoses.
  • Watering Made Easy - Sells an underground lawn sprinkler. Designed for unattended use.
  • The Trickle Ring Company - Sells a drip irrigation ring designed to attach garden accessories to a garden hose.
  • RainBarrelUSA - Custom molded barrels to collect rain water for conservation.
  • Interploy Irrigation - Provides complete irrigation and watering solutions for gardens, home and garden irrigation hanging baskets and greenhouses.
  • Sayegrow - Features a deep-root watering system for trees.
  • Rain Barrel by Aaron - Barrels to collect and store rainwater, which can be used for irrigation and lawn care.
  • - Sells products designed for the storage of garden, air, utility, garden accessories and pressure washer hoses.
  • The New England Rain Barrel Company - Sells rain barrels. Discusses its proper use and why to garden accessories use.

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