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California grower and shipper of hundreds of varieties of specialty annual and perennial cut flowers, foliages, pods, grasses and berries. Includes product list.

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  • Tayama Greenhouses - California grower of a wide variety of orchids, cut flowers and greens tropicals and green foliage.
  • Esmeralda Farms - Grows and exports a large variety of fresh flowers and horticulture pre-made bouquets from farms located in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and horticulture Costa Rica. Details services of US and European subsidiaries and horticulture includes information on breeding, propagation, and distribution pro
  • Farmhouse Flowers - Growing and shipping over 60 different varieties of horticulture flowers.
  • Yalaha Nurseries and Fernery - Cut foliage and foliage roping and garland for wholesale florists. cut flowers and greens Cut greens include leather leaf, sword fern, Aspidistra, Cocculus, ribbon cut flowers and greens grass, sprengeri, ming, rush, and beauty berry. Serving the cut flowers and greens floral industry since 1898. Yalaha, Florida.
  • Farmers West - Grower and shipper of fresh cut flowers and horticulture greens. Based horticulture in Carpinteria, California.
  • Fresh Tulips USA - Virginia-based grower of hydroponic tulips. Includes company profile and ornamentals image gallery of varieties.
  • Pyramid Flowers - Approximately 70 acres of flowers and plants in ornamentals production, of which 750,000 square feet is under ornamentals glass.
  • Wm. F. Puckett, Inc. - Grower and distributor of cut foliages, pre-made garlands, wreaths and ornamentals topiaries. Includes product image galleries and details post-harvest care ornamentals information.
  • Pleasant Valley Flowers, Inc. - California grower of a large variety of fresh horticulture cut flowers for sale to the trade. Complete horticulture list of varieties and information.
  • Len Busch Roses - Minnesota producer of roses and seasonal field crops ornamentals with full-service fresh and supply wholesale operations. ornamentals Lists service areas and includes varietal image galleries.
  • Newport Floral Connection - California grower of a large variety of field horticulture flowers, fillers horticulture and foliages. Includes images of horticulture products and farm, features horticulture current crop availability.
  • John Nuckton, Ent. - California wholesale grower and shipper. Lists products by cut flowers and ornamentals greens season and includes business profile.
  • - Grower and shipper of asters, callas, delphinium, snapdragons horticulture and seasonal varieties from Ecuador. Includes catalog horticulture and online purchasing to registered buyers.
  • Green Valley Growers - California grower and shipper specializing in hydrangeas, Christmas wreaths and horticulture garlands. Includes information about wholesale and consumer-direct purchasing.
  • Valley Flowers, Inc. - A wholesale grower of high quality flowers. Gerberas, chrysanthemums and cut flowers and greens other varieties of cut flowers, grown in Carpinteria, California.
  • Equiflor Corporation - Grower, distributor and marketer of nationally branded products horticulture including Rio Roses, Flora Tec carnations and Euro horticulture Spec specialty flowers. Features varieties offered, wholesale and horticulture retail partner directories, and information on point-of-sale materials horticulture and
  • Ko Kolk Hydrangea's - Dutch grower of Hydrangea for the cut-flower market. horticulture The flowers horticulture are sold at auction, many for horticulture export. Photos of offerings, horticulture and a few consumer horticulture tips.
  • Bickel Flowers Ltd. - Located in Israel, with customers in over 50 horticulture countries. Grows horticulture varieties of carnations, gerbera, gypsophila, wax horticulture flowers, solidago, solidaster, liatris, horticulture chrysanthemum and other flowers.
  • Flowerweb - Offers information about aspects of the flower industry, horticulture including e-commerce services, a searchable database with companies horticulture in the flora industry, news and weather reports.
  • Parkland Wholesale Flowers - Grows and wholesales a varieties of cut flowers for delivery horticulture throughout Australia. Lists varieties and includes a brief company history.
  • Holex Flower - Exporter based at the Aalsmeer flower auction providing brokering services cut flowers and greens to the US, Canada and Japan. Includes company profile, shipping cut flowers and greens details, and online purchasing to registered buyers.
  • Greentropic S.A. - Colombian-based grower and shipper of heliconias, calathea, ginger, tropical foliages ornamentals and tropical bouquets. Features image galleries, lists services. [English, Spanish]
  • Queen's Fern - Provider of the leatherleaf of Queen\\'s Fern and ornamentals the galax of United Galax.
  • Hyperactive Farms, Inc. - Quito, Ecuador grower of callas, mini callas, hypericum ornamentals and amaranthus. Includes product image galleries.
  • Obies Floral - California grower and shipper specializing in hydroponic roses, spray roses cut flowers and greens and seasonal field crops. Includes catalog and online ordering cut flowers and greens to registered wholesalers.
  • Ocean Breeze International - California-based grower specializing in hydroponic roses, pompon chrysanthemums, ornamentals gerberas and seasonal field crops. Lists varieties and ornamentals includes company profile.
  • Green Valley Floral - California grower and shipper of roses, gerberas, gerrondos horticulture and lilies. cut flowers and greens Company history, product image galleries, awards horticulture list.
  • Dos Gringos - Contract fresh cut flower grower and bouquet manufacturer, Carlsbad, California.
  • Terra Nigra, Inc. USA - Gerbera and rose propagation located in Carpinteria, CA.
  • Pt. Melrimba Sentra Agrotama - Indonesian grower and exporter of lilies, callas, phalaenopsis horticulture orchids, anthurium, and cut foliages. Includes company profile, horticulture product galleries, news and events.
  • Multiflora - Exporter of Colombian grown flowers with offices in Bogota and horticulture Miami. Includes image galleries, company directory. [English, Spanish]
  • Stevens and Son Wholesale Florist - Colorado-based producer of Oriental and Asiatic lilies, alstroemeria and a ornamentals large selection of seasonal varieties. Details full-service wholesale-to-florist fresh flower, ornamentals plant and supply operations.
  • Mellano and Company - California grower, over 30 varieties. Complete list, pricing horticulture and ordering information.
  • Experience Flowers Pty Ltd - Exporters of Australian fresh cut flowers to Japan and worldwide. ornamentals Offers consignment services to growers, links, photo gallery and contact ornamentals information.
  • Foliage Ireland - Grower and wholesaler of more than 40 varieties of cut cut flowers and greens greens, branches, filler flowers, and bouquet templates. Includes catalog cut flowers and greens and company profile.
  • Dos Osos Multifloro - California grower and shipper of hundreds of varieties ornamentals of specialty annual and perennial cut flowers, foliages, ornamentals pods, grasses and berries. Includes product list.
  • Vyn Flowers - Cultivates a large selection of field crops available in both horticulture fresh and dried form. Lists varieties and includes catalog horticulture and online ordering to registered buyers.
  • Flores Funza - A large variety of flowers produced and sold ornamentals to more horticulture than 25 countries in Europe, Asia, ornamentals Middle East and North horticulture America.
  • Eurosa Gardens - Vancouver Island, British Columbia grower and shipper of horticulture roses, gerberas, cut flowers and greens mini-gerberas and alstroemeria . Includes virtual horticulture tour of greenhouses.
  • Virgin Farms - Ecuadorian grower and wholesaler specializing in roses. Includes catalog and cut flowers and greens online ordering of tropicals, fillers and focal flowers.
  • Muchea Gold - Australian producer, wholesaler and exporter of waxflower. Includes horticulture image galleries cut flowers and greens and lists production schedules.
  • Sunshine Floral - Growers of gerberas, roses, pompons, statice, gypsophila and cut flowers and cut flowers and greens greens other varieties of cut flowers in Carpinteria, Santa cut flowers cut flowers and greens and greens Barbara County, CA.
  • Manatee Floral - Worldwide shipper and grower of fresh cut flowers cut flowers and cut flowers and greens greens and potted plants.
  • Ocean View Flowers - Grower of Stock, Larkspur and Delphinium, located in California.
  • Sopariwala Exports - Growers and exporter of fresh cut flowers, specializing in First Red, Papillon, Tantaus Konfetti, Noblesse and Orange roses. Located in India. [English/French/German]
  • Sun Valley Floral Farms - Grower of cut flowers, located in the Northern horticulture California coastal town of Arcata. Orchid lilies, love horticulture lilies, tulips, French tulips, iris, freesia, daffodils and horticulture hyacinth.
  • NativeBlooms - Over 24 varieties and colors of roses for horticulture export.
  • Oregon Flowers, Inc. - Offering a wide variety of Asiatic and Oriental lilies, viburnum, hydrangea, tulips and other bulb crops. Includes availability chart, product image galleries and farm history.
  • Florigene Ltd - Molecular breeder of carnations and roses using patented cut flowers and ornamentals greens genetic modification techniques. Includes company history, details products cut flowers ornamentals and greens and research, and features growers and distributors.
  • Sunshine Bouquet Company - A supplier of fresh-cut flower bouquets and arrangements for the mass market.
  • Johannes Flowers, Inc. - California-based farm growing lilies, alstroemeria, gerberas, spray roses ornamentals and seasonal horticulture crops from 30 acres of greenhouses ornamentals and 11 acres of horticulture field production. Includes ornamentals brief company profile and product image horticulture galleries.

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