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British Columbia grower of hydroponic roses. Includes company overview, image galleries of varieties offered and product care and handling information.

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  • Montgomery Rose - Massachusetts-based grower/wholesaler producing over 5,000,000 roses per year. roses Includes history, ornamentals varieties, employment opportunities and details about roses farm and distributor operations.
  • Prismal Flowers, LLC - Grower and distributor of more than 150 varieties of Ecuadorian roses roses and spray roses. Features company profile and product image roses galleries.
  • Passion Growers - Ecuadorian and Colombian grower group specializing in spray roses. Lists varieties.
  • RosaPrima - Ecuadorian grower of a large selection of rose varieties. Details farm, post-harvest care and includes product image gallery. [Spanish/English]
  • Nevado Ecuador - Producers of 8 varieties of roses which are roses being exported roses worldwide.
  • Tomalon Farms - Ecuadorian growers and exporters of a wide selection roses of roses. Includes image gallery of varieties. roses [English, Russian]
  • Kanaka Greenhouses, Ltd. - British Columbia grower of hydroponic roses. Includes company cut flowers and roses greens overview, image galleries of varieties offered and product cut flowers roses and greens care and handling information.
  • Tambo Roses - Ecuador grower of a large variety of roses. roses Includes cut flowers and greens image gallery.
  • Ameri-Cal - Located in California, 23 acres in production, including hybrid tea roses, sweetheart roses, spray roses and assorted seasonal field flowers.
  • Cawthorpe Rosewater - Rose farm and producers of rosewater. Information on production with ornamentals product list and prices. Located in UK.
  • MR Roses Flower Company - Ecuadorian grower and wholesaler with offices in Toronto roses and Miami. ornamentals Includes variety gallery and product care roses and handling tips.
  • TrebolRoses Ecuador - Specialists in the production of high quality roses. All of cut flowers and greens them have long stems, big head, and bright colors.
  • C & A Boon and Sons - Australian producer of more than thirty varieties of roses roses. cut flowers and greens Features company history, facilities and includes roses product image galleries.
  • Roodenburg Roseplants and Rosebushes - Exports rose plants, rose bushes, rose-stentlings and rose-cuttings for cutflower ornamentals production.
  • VegaFlor - Ecuador-based grower of roses and spray roses. Includes roses brief company history and includes catalog. [English, Spanish]
  • C. I. Flora Intercontinental S.A. - Colombian grower and exporter to Europe and North and South America. Includes environmental certification information and details packaging options.
  • Eufloria Flowers - Offers hydroponically grown California roses. Variety gallery, care cut flowers and roses greens and handling information.

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