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  • Konsortium-Merino - Konsortium-Merino are fine-tuning the dual-purpose Merino – a sheep with a large carcass and medium to fine wool of quality. Located in Victoria-West, South Africa.
  • Jeancourt Prime SAMM - Australian association working with South African Prime SAMM merino studmasters to merino produce the style of SAMM genetics merino that work with the merino current Merino industry. Offering merino SAMM and Afrino stud stock, semen merino and embryos merino for sale.
  • Monaro Merino Association - Representing the Merino Sheep breeders of the Monaro sheep District of breeds Southern New South Wales, Australia.
  • New England Merino Field Days - Home to the Merino breeders of New England, sheep Australia. Including breeds information of their field days. All sheep breeders are OJD Status breeds MN1 or better

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