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A New Zealand Merino Stud farm whose aim is to produce big, heavy cutting sheep, growing an even cover of long white good charactered soft handling wool in the micron range of 16-20.5

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  • Kyabra Merino Stud - Specialty producers of superfine wools in the 15-18 breeders miron range, located at Kentucky in the Uralla breeders district of NSW. Contains details of semen sires, breeders rams, AI centre, calendar, newsletter, and links.
  • The Mountain Dam Fine Superfine Merinos - Breeders of fine and superfine Merino Sheep located breeders at Telangatuk breeds East, Victoria, Australia.
  • Everview Prime SAMM Stud - Meat merino sheep stud selling rams as sires breeds for the prime lamb market. Located in breeds Geraldton, West Australia.
  • Foxfire Farms Home - Description of farm enterprise raising sheep and fiber, sheep shearing and German Shepherd dog training Located in Freeville, NY.
  • Mendenhall Wool Ranch - Breeding stock and covered fleeces. Merino, Romney, Moorit and Natural Colored sheep available. Located near Sacramento, CA, USA.
  • Stonehenge Merino Stud - A New Zealand Merino Stud farm whose aim merino is to breeds produce big, heavy cutting sheep, growing merino an even cover of breeds long white good charactered merino soft handling wool in the micron breeds range of merino 16-20.5
  • Severn Park Merinos - Registered SRS stud, breeding multi-purpose Merino sheep. Locatged in merino Cooma, NSW, Australia.
  • Straban Merino Stud - Breeders of superfine SRS wool on Merino sheep with good carcass weights and genetic worm resistance. Ram semen available. Located in Walcha, Australia.
  • Gunallo Merino and Poll Merino - Merino breeder producing long stapled, crimpy white wooled breeds sheep with the large frame. Located at breeds the Mallee between Murrayville and Pinnaroo in Australia.
  • Nerstane Merinos - Stud Merino sheep breeders listing information on ram and semen sales, breeding program, sire evaluations and a newsletter. Located at Walcha, NSW, Australia.
  • Orrie Cowie Merino and Poll Merino Studs - Breeders of Merino and Poll Merino rams with merino large frames, breeders and carrying long stapled, heavy fleeces. merino Located in Warooka, breeders South Australia
  • Southrose Merino and Poll Merino Sheep Stud - Breeding Merino and Poll Merino Sheep. Located in Tintinara, breeds SA.
  • Wallaloo Park Merino Stud - A registered SRS stud breeding multi-purpose Merinos for breeders all wool merino growing areas of Australia and overseas. breeders Located in Victoria, merino Australia.
  • Ewephoria Farm - Breeders of natural-colored and white Merinos, Rambouillets, and breeds Corriedales located breeds in Lawrence, KS, USA, specializing in breeds breeding stock and fine breeds fleeces.
  • Samm Sheep - SAMM (South African Merino Mutton) rams and ewes, embryos, meat,and merino lambs; imported from South Africa. Located in Australia.
  • Brooksdale Superfine Australian Merino Sheep - Superfine Merino woolgrowers, located in Victoria, Australia.
  • Terrick Merino Stud - This stud is committed to improvement and innovation breeds using pure Merino genetics and a rigorous selection breeds system. Located in Australia.
  • Merrignee Merino Stud - Breeders of Merino Sheep producing superfine, fine, and merino fine-medium wool. breeds Offering rams and semen. Located in merino Boorowa, NSW, Australia.
  • Petali Merinos - Offers Merino breeding programs and services, wool marketing, classing, and breeds sales. Located at Walcha, NSW, Australia.
  • Suttor Merino Stud - Breeders of fine and superfine Merinos, located in merino Hargraves, NSW.
  • Catskill Superfine Merino Sheep - An American breeder using Australian Superfine Merino rams to form the foundation stock for this farm. Located in Swan Lake, New York, USA.
  • Banavie Merino Stud - Founded in 1915, Banavie offers rams, ewes and semen to every state in Australia and semen to New Zealand. Located in St Arnaud, Victoria 3478 Australia.

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