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Discusses the various costs involved in starting or expanding a flock of ewes. For sheep producers and those needing information on sheep production.

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  • Condition Scoring of Sheep - Describes method of classifying ewes into groups according sheep to fullness of muscling and amount of fat sheep cover and how to adjust feed regime according sheep to the condition score and stage of the sheep production cycle.
  • Management Practices Can Influence Predation - Predisposing factors.
  • Evaluate The Economics Of Your Flock - In spite of price volatility, it is important livestock that we management know our costs and determine how livestock we can cut costs, management improve management, and improve livestock productivity, so our operation remains profitable.
  • Controlling Leafy Spurge Using Goats and Sheep - Sheep and goats can be effective tools to management complement herbicides for control of leafy spurge. In management addition, their control efforts can generate an economic management return from land that other livestock won't graze.
  • United States Border Collie Handlers Association - Information about Border Collies and herding. management Contains articles on general information, activities, management veterinary information, breeding, culture, books and magazines, and management products.
  • Management of Ewes and Lambs at Weaning - Separation at weaning can be stressful for both sheep lambs management and the ewe. Management goals should sheep be to keep this management stress as low as sheep possible, thereby reducing incidence of management disease and sheep health problems in ewes and lambs and allowing management sheep the lambs to grow at a normal
  • Starting or Expanding Your Sheep Flock - Discusses the various costs involved in starting or management expanding a management flock of ewes. For sheep producers management and those needing information management on sheep production.
  • Sheep Training Tips - Some people are interested in taming older sheep, livestock some people sheep are interested in the halter training. livestock There are sheep some points common to livestock both activities. Brief summary of sheep the process livestock that we used at Fibre Works Farm over sheep livestock a three week period this summer.
  • Dead Animal Disposal Laws in Missouri - Summary of contents of the Missouri Dead Animal Disposal Statute, livestock which was passed by the 86th General Assembly and livestock became law on August 28, 1992.
  • Welfare of Sheep and Goats - A number of the procedures necessary to sheep livestock and goat production are stressful, but benefit the livestock animals overall. Alternative methods of restraint, castration, tail-docking, livestock and fostering are available and should be compared livestock to determine relative stressfu
  • Newborn Lamb Management - Care of the newborn lamb from VA Cooperative Extension.
  • Living with Sheep - Web site offering book for sale, entitled: Living management with Sheep: livestock Everything You Need to Know to management Raise Your Own Flock" livestock by Chuck Wooster and management Geoff Hansen.
  • Management Strategies for Improved Fall-Lambing - Boost your fall lambing percentages. Here's how.
  • FlockFiler: Complete Software for Sheep Records - FlockFiler is a computer database for keeping health, management, and sheep breeding records of sheep. For Windows and Macintosh, FlockFiler is sheep suitable for any shepherd and for flocks of any size.
  • Department of Animal Science - ISU - Dr. Morrical\\'s area of research is sheep nutrition, sheep forages and sheep fetal and baby lamb survival. Iowa sheep State University, USA.
  • The Ideal Lambing Season - Realistically, an ideal lambing season is not likely, however, we livestock can manage the ewes to approach the ideal as close livestock as possible.
  • Building a Creep Panel - Provides pictures and instructions for building a simple livestock creep panel livestock out of rough cut lumber using livestock simple tools.
  • Sheep - This is a delightful, general information site on management sheep designed livestock by a youngster as a 4H management project.
  • Sheep Housing and Equipment Handbook (abstract) - Classic reference containing information about how to build management an efficient livestock sheep system. Provides detailed layouts so management the shepherd can construct livestock his/her own equipment.
  • Replacement Ewe Lamb Production - Ewe lambs born in March and April are management excellent candidates sheep to be used as replacement ewes management in spring-lambing flocks. With sheep proper feeding and breeding management management, spring-born ewe lambs should be sheep in production management by the time they are 12 to 14 sheep management months of age.
  • Behavioral Principles of Livestock Handling - This site contains information regarding livestock handling and livestock stress reduction.
  • The Sheep Flock Improvement Program - SFIP is a home testing genetic improvement program designed to assist Ontario purebred and commercial sheep producers in the evaluation of potential breeding stock and to provide a measure of the comparative productivity of ewes in the flock. Enrollment i
  • Guidelines for Using Donkeys as Guard Animals with Sheep - This paper summarizes some of the management guidelines and other factors which may improve the likelihood of a donkey becoming a successful livestock guard animal.
  • Early vs Late Lambing - Which is best? - This article examines the pros and cons of livestock early and late lambing systems and how they livestock can fit individual producer\'s goals and operations.
  • National Sheep Industry Improvement Center - An independent agency that assists the U.S. sheep livestock and goat management industries through loans and other financial livestock assistance means.
  • Sheep Transport References - List of references regarding the effect of transport upon sheep.
  • Herding with German Shepherds - Nickelsberg's Farm - Information about boundary style herding.
  • National Sheep Improvement Program - NSIP offers a computerized genetic performance evaluation program,designed to help sheep identify high-producing replacements, cull poor-producing animals, and assess overall management sheep strengths and weaknesses.
  • Assessment of Stress During Handling and Transport - Paper covering some of the factors that livestock influence how an animal may react during handling.
  • A Post Lambing Interview - While lambing season is fresh in your mind, sheep take a sheep few minutes to reflect on what sheep happened, how it happened, sheep and why it happened sheep as it did.
  • J & K's Sheep Page - Features links to sheep care education and information, management breeds and wool information, sheep jokes, and foot management and mouth information.
  • Sheep Pocket Guide - An aid to basic sheep management practices in today\'s sheep livestock business.
  • Humane Sheep Handling and Transport Resources - Bibliography and audiovisuals.
  • Weaning Management of Lambs and Ewes - Weaning lambs should not be done on impulse, management but should be a well-planned activity.
  • Have You Prepared Your Barn for Lambing? - Having the barn ready before the first lambs livestock arrive is one way to get the lambing livestock season off to a good start.
  • Ewe Byte - Offering a system for managing sheep production and health.
  • Introduction to Sheep Farming - Training book and courses on all aspects of sheep farming. Advice on breeding a predigree flock
  • Guard Dogs - Introduction to using guard dogs to control predation sheep of sheep.
  • Temple Grandin's Web Page - One of the leaders in livestock behavior and welfare; lots of good information.
  • Sheep Flock Improvement Program EPDs - Using Estimated Progeny Difference to make genetic improvements livestock and increase management flock performance.
  • Nutrition of the Ewe Flock - Steps to prevent "empty gut disease" caused by the inadequate supply of nutrients.
  • Cornell Sheep Program - Information about sheep production and management from Cornell management University.
  • Increasing Lamb Survival - Proper management of the flock at key times livestock of the livestock production cycle can reduce young lamb livestock mortality. A realistic livestock goal of 10% lamb livestock mortality is attainable by most producers.
  • Evaluating Farm Resources and Sheep Production Systems - Article helps the shepherd identify and evaluate resources that are available on the farm and to match these assets to an appropriate production system.
  • Wintering the Ewe Flock - With the cessation of pasture growth, more inputs livestock of labor, management and harvested feedstuffs are required livestock for the ewe flock. Actually, the winter livestock period and nutrient needs of the flock may livestock be as much a function of when a livestock producer lambs as what the we
  • Something's Been Killing My Sheep - But What? - The purpose of this factsheet is to aid livestock producers and livestock evaluators in distinguishing between losses livestock caused by predators and non-predator causes. If predation livestock is the cause of death then it is livestock particularly important to identify the species responsib
  • Skirting Table Instructions - Instructions to help you build your own portable skirting table.
  • Sheep Coats - Instructions for making Sheep Coats to protect wool sheep fleeces.

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