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High hay prices are a major consideration for sheep producers. Unless one can find hay that is reasonable in price, the only option in reducing hay cost is to feed less hay. Strategies to achieve this goal will be discussed.

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  • Grain for Sheep - Short discussion regarding the risks of copper toxicity management encountered when using grain rations not prepared specifically management for sheep.
  • Formulating Rations With the Pearson's Square (PDF) - The Pearson square or box method of balancing sheep rations is a simple procedure that has been sheep used for many years. It is of greatest sheep value when only two ingredients are to be sheep mixed.
  • Whole Grain in Lamb Rations - Advantages of using whole grain versus pelleted or management mash feeds.
  • Forage and Rotational Grazing Links - Extensive list of publications for those establishing and/or managing pasture pasture and feed or forage.
  • Forage and Feed Analysis - "How to" instructions from deciding which feed to sample, how to collect the sample and which tests to order.
  • Urea and NPN for Cattle and Sheep (PDF) - Urea can be fed to ruminants as an economical replacement pasture and feed for a part of the protein in a ration.
  • Artificial Rearing of Lambs - Feeds, feeding and what can go wrong when are orphaned management lambs or when prolific ewes have too many lambs for management the milking ability of the natural mother.
  • Lamb Feedlot Nutrition (PDF) - Meeting protein, energy, vitamin and mineral requirements is sheep essential for profitable lamb finishing. This publication sheep will help you start your lambs on feed sheep and to develop an effective feeding plan.
  • Purdue University's Forage Information Web Site - This site contains information on forages for sheep the management Midwestern U.S. It contains a sheep section on forage management plant identification, complete sheep with photos.
  • Hay List Network - This site, developed with the cooperation of pasture and feed pasture and feed the Michigan Hay and Grazing Council, Michigan pasture and feed pasture and feed Farm Bureau and Michigan State University Extension, pasture and feed pasture and feed enables online hay buying and selling.
  • Dealing With High Hay Prices - High hay prices are a major consideration for sheep producers. sheep Unless one can find hay that is reasonable in sheep price, the only option in reducing hay cost is to sheep feed less hay. Strategies to achieve this goal will be sheep discussed.
  • Feeding Sheep Corn Silage - Nutrient value and guidelines that should be followed when incorporating management corn silage in ewe and lamb diets.
  • Feed Hay First - Discussion of when hay should be fed in management relation to when the grain ration is fed management and why the order is important.
  • Case's Agworld - Grazing groups, hay for sale, pasture for lease. management Extensive management list of forage and rotational grazing management links.
  • Strategies for Feeding the Ewe Flock - Topics include: aspects to consider and problems likely to be encountered, useful feed consumption data, characteristics of feedstuffs, pastures, mineral deficiencies and toxicities, and feeding the ewe.
  • Feed Composition for Cattle and Sheep (PDF) - Nutrition research spanning more than 100 years has defined the nutrients required by animals. Using this information, rations can be formulated from feeds and ingredients to meet these requirements. Animals fed these rations should not only remain healt
  • Feeding the Lamb Crop - There are a number of ways to grow sheep and finish pasture and feed lambs. The type of feeding program sheep will depend in large pasture and feed part on what area sheep of the country one is located, pasture and feed what type sheep of production system is utilized, what the marketing pasture and feed sheep options are and, of course, what feed res
  • Feeding the Ewe Flock - What and how much should I feed my management sheep? That is a question that is asked management quite regularly. The correct answer is: it depends.
  • Stretching Hay Supplies - Producers can stretch their hay supply, and not significantly lower pasture and feed production, by utilizing some proven management techniques.
  • Feeding Livestock During Cold Weather - Rule of thumb for cold weather climates.
  • Feeding Ewes(PDF) - Needs, options, budgeting.
  • Pasture Management - Land management consultant working out of Absarokee, Mont. provides information about regenerating and fencing your land.
  • Determining Pasture Rental Rates - Describes method of leasing out or renting pasture sheep based on animal unit months (AUMs).
  • Plants Poisonous to Livestock - This bulletin identifies many of the plants poisonous to livestock in Minnesota. It describes their appearance, where they grow, the parts of the plant that are poisonous, when they are most poisonous, poisoning symptoms, and names of the toxic compounds
  • The Basics of Feeding Sheep - This article covers the basics of sheep nutrition.
  • Baled Haylage For Sheep - This paper will be limited only to discussions management on baled pasture and feed haylage, with limited references to conventionally management stored haylage.
  • Chronic Copper Poisoning - Answers the question of why chronic copper poisoning (CCP) occurs.
  • Feed Inventory Aid to Management - Disaster recovery article provided by Iowa State University.[PDF]
  • Nutritional Effects on Sheep Health - Prevention and treatment of diseases commonly associated with nutritional imbalances.

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