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Four year audio engineering program leads to a Bachelor in electrical engineering degree in collaboration with the School of Music and with additional training in audio technology.

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  • Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - [Tempe, AZ] Offers training in multiple studios on equipment such audio as SSL, Studer, and Neumann, as well as Pro Tools audio Certification.
  • University of Miami - Four year audio engineering program leads to a post production Bachelor education and training in electrical engineering degree in collaboration with post production the School education and training of Music and with additional training post production in audio technology.
  • Middle Tennessee State University - Provides a Bachelor in Science in Recording Industry education and training with emphasis in either Production and Technology or education and training Music Business.
  • - Information regarding courses available at this training centre in Ireland.
  • Audio - Distance learning courses in sound engineering and audio education and training education and training production. Diploma and accredited qualifications available.
  • Recording Institute of Detroit - Offering courses in audio recording and music production; education and training programs and contact information.
  • Audio Masterclass - Online education and training in sound engineering and music recording.
  • The Sonic Workshop - [London, UK] Offering courses and seminars to audio post production professionals.
  • Audio Recording Technology Institute - Students become engineers in the audio production industry, including music sequencing, hard disk recording, editing sound for video, film, radio and TV audio. The school is nationally accredited by ACCSCT.
  • The Recording Workshop - [London, UK]: Offers courses for beginners and advanced audio on all audio aspects of sound studio engineering and audio music technology.
  • Music Tech - [Minneapolis, MN] College for recording, production, and song education and training post production writing.
  • Los Angeles Recording Workshop - Provides information about programs and courses offered, and audio application.
  • Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology - A one year, in-depth immersion program for audio audio engineering and production.

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