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Manufacturer of glowing balloons for the illumination of outdoor events, sets, work areas. Site can be viewed in French or English.

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  • Color Kinetics Incorporated - Manufacturer of LED-based, full spectrum digital lighting products.
  • LightProcessor Limited - Manufacturer of lighting consoles, dimmers, DMX distribution equipment, effects lighting tools and equipment controllers and power packs. UK.
  • Theater Technisch Lab BV - Developer and manufacturer of digital lighting equipment and accessories for theatres, rental services, exhibitions and architectural lighting. Dutch site with English version available.
  • Space Cannon - An Italian company making architectural and show lighting systems based manufacturers on xenon source technologies. Company history, profile and products, including manufacturers a gallery of examples.
  • Celco - Manufacturer of lighting control consoles and dimming systems manufacturers for rock, lighting theater, television and nightclubs. London.
  • Packaged Lighting Systems - Lighting systems for theater, stage, clubs, trade shows, architectural and residential. Includes spotlights, accessories, dimmers and controls for the lighting amateur or professional.
  • Great American Market - Exhibit, film, night club, outdoor, party, photographic, professional, tools and equipment stage, TV, and theatrical lighting, special effects tools and equipment and gobos.
  • F.A.L. - Manufacturer of intelligent lighting, discotheque and theatre lighting, tools and equipment architectural lighting, special effects, scanners, promotional projectors, lighting tools and equipment projectors and lighting effects. Italy.
  • LDDE Vertriebs GmbH - Austrian manufacturer of specialized lighting equipment, mostly LED and fluorescent tools and equipment based systems.
  • Chauvet Lighting - Manufacturer of theatrical, special effects and architectural lighting, controllers, accessories manufacturers and related products.
  • Stagelite - Manufacturer of dimmers, controllers and consoles. Site can tools and equipment be viewed in Italian or English.
  • Martin Denmark - One of the market leaders ín the field of automated lighting lighting fixtures. They also carry architectural devices and control systems.
  • Articulight - Manufacturer of graphic projectors, architectural color changers and searchlights.
  • Digilight - French manufacturer of digital dimmers for theatre and touring. The company also carries various other control equipment.
  • Griven S.r.l - Manufacturer of searchlights, scanners, spotlights, and controllers.
  • Brightline - Manufacturer of energy efficient, dimmable fluorescent fixtures for manufacturers studio and location.
  • Ruby 7 Designers - Makers of the Ruby series of fixtures, using manufacturers seven Par tools and equipment 64 lamps.
  • Fergo Plastic Projections - Supplier of high quality plastic transparency images for use in lighting Selecon Pacific and Finelite luminaires or Rosco Image Pro, both lighting stock art and custom artwork available.
  • Lighting Resource, On-line Lighting Library - On-line lighting resource containing over 5000 pages of detailed product lighting profiles, specification, photometry, lighting design techniques from hundreds of manufacturers lighting and designers.
  • PWR Series - Distributed dimming and power control system designed for installation in theme parks and theatres as well as sophisticated commercial, corporate, and public venues.The PWR Series utilizes industry standard protocols like DMX-512, Ethernet, and BacNet.
  • Castle Studios Productions - Manufacturers of MIDI controlled dimmers, MIDI to DMX manufacturers and MacIntosh manufacturers to DMX converters, MIDI routing products, manufacturers and the MidiLite Christmas manufacturers light controller.
  • Laser Grafix UK - UK based suppliers of laser projection equipment, including large format slide projectors, digital video, LED screens and diode lasers for entertainment and advertising
  • Rainbow Colour Changers - Widely known colour changers and scrollers for use in studio, lighting theatre and show lighting.
  • Licht-Technik Vertriebs GmbH - Manufacturer of motorized yokes, color changers, dimmer shutters and modular manufacturers light-systems. Munich.
  • Compulite 2000 - Israel based manufacturer of dimmers and lighting control manufacturers desks. Product ranges for small to large venue manufacturers applications available.
  • Sand Network Systems - Manufacturer of networking products for the lighting industry. Developer of lighting the SandNet network protocol conversion system.
  • Creative Lighting and Sound Systems Pty. Ltd. - Lighting designers and manufacturers of the Touch-tell and manufacturers Showpro displays. lighting Brisbane, Australia.
  • Selecon New Zealand Ltd. - Manufacturer of lighting equipment for theatre, film, television and architectural tools and equipment applications. Auckland.
  • Robolights - Manufacturer of the Smart Socket injection molded socket outlet box tools and equipment for use on internally wired stage lighting bars.
  • Techni-Lux, Inc. - Lighting products for theatre, film and television production, effects and manufacturers architectural.
  • Studio Due - Manufacturers of lighting solutions for live entertainment, dance manufacturers clubs, television manufacturers studios, and architectural applications.
  • Balcar - Manufacturer of professional lighting equipment for photography, television manufacturers and video.
  • ADB Lighting Technologies - Manufacturer of lighting equipment for theatre, stage, and television. Products include control desks, dimmers, luminaires and suspension equipment (hoists, telescopes).
  • Strong Spotlights - Spotlight manufacturer. Strong products include the Xenon Super lighting Trouper, the Xenon Gladiator, the Truss Trouper and lighting the Strong Trouperette.
  • The Chimera Company - Manufacturer of lighting equipment for still photography, film and video.
  • Light Engineering - Lighting and decorative effects.
  • Airstar Light - Manufacturer of glowing balloons for the illumination of tools and equipment lighting outdoor events, sets, work areas. Site can be tools and equipment lighting viewed in French or English.
  • The Light Source - Manufacturer of theatrical and television lighting equipment.

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