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Manufacturer of industrial grade lighting controls for commercial and institutional applications. Dimmers from 600 to 2400 watts per channel and available in portable, rack mount, or architectural models. Memory consoles from 12 to 48 chan

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  • Zero 88 - Manufacturer of manual and computer lighting consoles, dimmers, theatrical fixtures and controllers.
  • Diafora - Manufacturer of color changers for theater, TV, and theatrical events.
  • Morpheus Lights - Manufacturers of moving lights and color scrollers.
  • Avolites Ltd. - Manufacturer of lighting consoles, dimmers, and accessories.
  • Shanghai Electrical Light Device - Manufacturer of xenon short arc lamps, xenon flash tubes, and manufacturers other entertainment and cinema related lamps and accessories.
  • American DJ - Manufacturer of disc jockey, club, and entertainment lighting manufacturers equipment.
  • DHA Lighting - Leading manufacturer of gobos and optical effects, the manufacturers company of lighting world famous lighting designer David Hersey.
  • Compulite - Computerized lighting consoles, peripherals, lighting accessories, dimmers, and lighting a CAD program.
  • Microdim Finland - Manufacturer of professional light dimmers and DMX-512 lighting equipment for manufacturers theatrical and stage use.
  • City Theatrical - Manufacturer of lighting accessories for Source Four lighting and other manufacturers entertainment fixtures.
  • Teatronics Lighting Controls, Inc. - The former Teatronics product line, now serviced by lighting Entertainment Lighting lighting Controls. Distributor information available on site. lighting Dimmers, consoles and rack lighting equipment for churches, hotels, lighting performing arts centers, schools, and professional lighting theatres. Santa lighting M
  • Lycian Stage Lighting - Manufacturer of Quartz, HMI, and Xenon follow spots.
  • Leprecon - Manufacturer of lighting control and dimming systems.
  • Clay Paky - Manufacturer of moving lights, effects, and image projectors.
  • Lehigh Electric Products Company - Manufacturer of theatrical and architectural lighting equipment including theatrical dimmers, controls, theatrical distribution equipment, fixtures and energy management.
  • Kupo Company Ltd. - Taiwanese manufacturer of theatrical lighting equipment, dimmers, fixtures, parts, and lighting accessories.
  • Dove Lighting Systems, Inc. - Manufacturer of dimmers and lighting controllers including the lighting PC-based StarPort.
  • James Thomas Engineering - Manufacturer of lighting fixtures, Veam and Socapex connectors, barn doors, truss, and towers. Offices in the UK and Knoxville, TN.
  • PLS Electronics - Hungarian manufacturer of the Pegasus line of dimmers.
  • Strand Lighting - A leading entertainment and architectural lighting manufacturer.
  • Theatrelight New Zealand Ltd. - Manufacturer of lighting control and dimming products for theatrical the professional entertainment market.
  • Strong Lighting - Manufacturer of follow spots and special effects lighting equipment.
  • The Phoebus Company, Inc. - Manufacturer of follow spots, projectors, xenon searchlights, and lighting fixtures theatrical for the entertainment industry. Also, rentals and production services.
  • High End Systems - Leading manufacturer of intelligent lighting fixtures and control equipment for the entertainment industry.
  • Pulsar Light of Cambridge Ltd. - Manufacturer of lighting and effects controllers, power packs, theatrical signal processing, lighting fixtures, and accessories.
  • ETA Systems - Manufacturer of theatrical consoles, dimmers, truss, and power manufacturers conditioners.
  • Littlite - Manufacturers of the industry standard gooseneck lamps and manufacturers accessories.
  • Performance Electric, Inc. - Manufacturer of connector strips, wall boxes, floor pockets, manufacturers cable assemblies and patch panels.
  • Element Labs - Manufacturer of innovative LED technology for entertainment, architectural, theatrical and signage lighting applications.
  • Martin Professional - Manufacturer of moving lights, controllers, color changers, smoke manufacturers machines, gobos, accessories and more, with international distribution.
  • Gam Products, Inc. - Manufacturer of color filters, gobos, and lighting equipment for special theatrical effects, theatrical, specialty and architectural applications.
  • Flying Pig Systems - Manufacturer of the Wholehog family of moving light control consoles.
  • Entertainment Technology - Manufacturer of lighting control products used in theatre, churches, concert halls, themed entertainment and other places of public assembly.
  • Altman Stage Lighting Company, Inc. - Manufacturer of lighting fixtures, accessories, distribution, and effects.
  • Lighting & Electronics, Inc. (L&E) - Manufacturer of theatrical fixtures including border and cyc theatrical lights, ellipsoidals, lighting floods, follow spots, scoops, pars, fresnels, theatrical dimmable fluorescent strips, and lighting distribution.
  • Wybron Inc. - Manufacturer of color changers, gobo changers, dowsers, and manufacturers an automated lighting follow spot system.
  • Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc. - Manufactures and services lighting control systems, dimming, luminaires, and accessories manufacturers for theatre, film and television studios, and architectural spaces.
  • Coemar - Manufacturer of lighting fixtures, intelligent lighting, and other lighting equipment theatrical for the entertainment industry.
  • Lightronics - Manufacturer of industrial grade lighting controls for commercial lighting and institutional applications. Dimmers from lighting 600 to 2400 watts per channel and available lighting in portable, rack mount, or architectural models. lighting Memory consoles from 12 to 48 lighting chan
  • NSI Corporation - Lighting controllers and dimmers for theater, touring, and architectural applications. theatrical Includes link to brochures of Colortran products also.
  • SunLand Optics - Makers of custom Gobos: metal or glass, coloured or black and white, vectorial or photographic.
  • Wildfire - Manufacturer of ultraviolet lighting fixtures and accessories for lighting the entertainment theatrical industry.
  • Artistic Licence - Manufacturer of DMX test and distribution equipment, PC-based lighting controllers, and other DMX, lighting and motion control equipment.
  • Transtechnik - Manufacturer of lighting consoles including the AVAB Solaris, theatrical dimmer systems, lighting studio automation and stage machinery, multimedia theatrical controllers and accessories. Complete lighting installation services for theatres theatrical and television studios.
  • Uni-Par Lighting Corp - Manufacturer of professional theatrical and concert par lighting luminaries made manufacturers of high impact, high temperature thermoplastics. Also in colors for manufacturers effects lighting and architectural applications.
  • ScriptSign - Supertitling systems for opera, theater and auditoriums using lighting LED signs to replace projected surtitles.
  • Times Square Lighting - Manufacturer of theatrical and architectural lighting fixtures.
  • Electronics Diversified, Inc. (EDI) - Manufacturer of theatrical consoles, dimmers, and related products, theatrical as well theatrical as architectural lighting.
  • Apollo Design Technology - Manufacturer of custom and standard gobos, color media, theatrical color scrollers, and gobo rotators for the entertainment theatrical lighting industry.

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