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  • Guard Dog Brand Development - (U.S. NY) Brand consultants specializing in the healthcare industry.
  • Beachhead, LLC - (U.S. Utah) Business development, product development, marketing, market biotechnology and pharmaceuticals business development research, and strategic planning services.
  • AccuNostics Ltd. - (U.K.) A variety of business development and consulting services to biotechnology and pharmaceuticals university spin-outs and small medium enterprises.
  • Mintz & Associates - (Canada) Licensing, market intelligence, foreign market penetration and marketing communications.
  • Eolas Biosciences Co. Ltd. - (Japan) Offering business development and consulting services in consulting the drug consulting discovery, biotechnology and biomedical areas.
  • Life Science Consulting Network - (Germany) Advice and assistance in the areas of business development and intelligence, sales & marketing, and project management.
  • The Institutes for Pharmaceutical Discovery, LLC. - (U.S. Connecticut) Creates and manages discovery institutes for specific disease business development states and technologies
  • Seven Hills Venture Partners - (U.K.) Works with early-stage life science companies to help create and develop viable and successful businesses.
  • F. Barkow Consulting GmbH - (Switzerland) Wide range of business development services in business development the business development chemical, pharmaceutical and medical technology fields.
  • Horwath Resource Group - (U.S. Minnesota) Consulting and contract services in the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals areas of business development, regulatory affairs, operations and biotechnology and pharmaceuticals marketing.
  • Pronovix - (Hungary and Belgium) Development of websites for biotech, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals pharma, medical and academic organizations.
  • Biobasix Solutions Inc. - (Canada) Fund raising, business development, research operations and consulting marketing communications.
  • Bannert Manlik Consultants - (Germany) Acquisition and licensing in pharmaceuticals and consulting healthcare.
  • Biotech Consulting - (France / Switzerland) Consulting on the production aspect of biotechnology
  • Biotechnology Business Consultants - (U.S. Michigan) Business planning, technology assessment, commercial strategy consulting and market research.
  • Evelexa BioResources - (U.S. Massachusetts) Membership-based resource for biotechnology entrepreneurs, offering business development useful information on starting a biotech company.
  • Custom Business Development & Management Technology - (France / Israel) Business development and market analysis biotechnology and pharmaceuticals biotechnology and pharmaceuticals in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical markets
  • The Next Phase Constultancy, Inc. - (U.S. Washington) Life sciences product and business development business development support biotechnology and pharmaceuticals including regulatory and clinical guidance.
  • Oriundo - (Mexico) Outsourced Pharmaceutical Business Development for Latin America.
  • Halo BioConsulting Ltd. - (U.K.) Offering a range of pharma/biotech business development services, including in/out licensing and scientific due diligence.

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