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Uses a patented process for chiral synthesis to transform readily available carbohydrates into building blocks for anti-viral, antibiotic and anti-cancer drugs. Company overview, and contacts in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey.

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See Also:
  • ICOS Corporation - Discovers and develops treatment for inflammation and other outsourcing diseases, targeting pharmaceuticals the earliest stages of the inflammation outsourcing process. Includes expression and pharmaceuticals production in Bothell, Washington. outsourcing (Nasdaq: ICOS).
  • Key Drug Prototyping BV - Offering crystallization of proteins for structure-based drug design studies. Includes outsourcing company profile, products and job vacancies. Based in Amsterdam, The outsourcing Netherlands.
  • Jerni - Peptide-originated drug discovery and development, with array technology, development biopharmaceuticals of agonists or antagonists for drug targets and complex interactions. biopharmaceuticals Contract and analytical services available from Berlin, Germany.
  • Bioreliance Corp. - Provides nonclinical testing and manufacturing services for biologics. Contract facilities in Scotland and Germany, with laboratory animal diagnostic services, and headquarters in Rockville, Maryland.
  • Cambrex Life Sciences Corp. - Offers analytical and cell culture products and contract biopharmaceuticals services to outsourcing the life sciences industry. Includes product, biopharmaceuticals management, corporate, and investor outsourcing information, for many countries, biopharmaceuticals with headquarters in East Rutherford, New outsourcing Jersey. (NYSE: biopharmaceuticals CBM)
  • Biopharma: Biopharmaceuticals in the U.S. Market - Online reference database and book concerning products and companies. Includes pharmaceuticals sample monographs. ordering details and contacts for publisher in Rockville, pharmaceuticals Maryland.
  • Insmed, Inc. - Protein manufacturing facility concentrated on developing treatments for biopharmaceuticals metabolic and pharmaceuticals endocrine disorders. Details of investor relations biopharmaceuticals and cGMP process manufacturing pharmaceuticals at Boulder, Colorado. (Nasdaq: biopharmaceuticals INSM)
  • MP5 - Contract manufacturer specialized in clinical trial supply for cytotoxics, hormones, biopharmaceuticals peptides and biotech products in Riom, France.
  • Scottish Biomedical - A pre-clinical drug discovery services company focussing exclusively on early stage drug research.
  • Innogenetics - Company encompassing both diagnostics and therapeutics, focusing mainly pharmaceuticals on infectious diseases, neurodegeneration, and genetic testing. Includes pharmaceuticals investor information and directions in Gent, Belgium.
  • GlycoFi, Inc. - Developing novel platforms for the production of therapeutic biopharmaceuticals proteins, through pharmaceuticals metabolic engineering of fungal glycosylation pathways. biopharmaceuticals Includes details of company, pharmaceuticals technology, careers and contacts biopharmaceuticals in Lebanon, New Hampshire.
  • P170 Recombinant Protein Production System - Offers technology for the expression and large-scale production biopharmaceuticals of pharmaceutical pharmaceuticals proteins using lactic acid bacteria. Includes, biopharmaceuticals overview, publications and contacts pharmaceuticals in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Biotechnology Application Centre - Subsidiary of Unilever offering pilot plant for custom outsourcing manufacturing or outsourcing upscaling as well as the plug-in outsourcing of genes into yeasts outsourcing and filamentous fungi, followed outsourcing by process development, and scale-up in outsourcing Naarden, The outsourcing Netherlands.
  • Gene Logic Inc. - Offers gene expression data management and bioinformatic software, biopharmaceuticals with focus biopharmaceuticals on pharmacogenomics and toxicological implications. Includes biopharmaceuticals CRO services, information for biopharmaceuticals investors and corporate governance biopharmaceuticals based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. (Nasdaq: GLGC)
  • Integragen - Genetic blueprint of complex human diseases, validated markers pharmaceuticals and therapeutic outsourcing targets for diagnosis and treatment of pharmaceuticals schizophrenia, using genome hybrid outsourcing identity profiling. Based in pharmaceuticals Evry, France.
  • Genius International - Specializing in the manufacture of recombinant proteins. Includes pharmaceuticals summary of biopharmaceuticals bone morphogenetic proteins and profile of pharmaceuticals company in Hong Kong.
  • SellWiss Pharma Biotechnology - Offers for contract manufacturing of biotechnologically-derived active pharmaceutical ingredients, therapeutics pharmaceuticals and biogenerics, from bacterial and mammalian cells. Also contacts for pharmaceuticals consultancy in Marburg, Germany.
  • BioFocus plc - Offers multidisciplinary chemistry and biology expertise for pre-clinical biopharmaceuticals drug discovery, in eastern England.
  • Synthon Chiragenics Corporation - Uses a patented process for chiral synthesis to biopharmaceuticals transform readily available carbohydrates into building blocks for biopharmaceuticals anti-viral, antibiotic and anti-cancer drugs. Company overview, and biopharmaceuticals contacts in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey.
  • Crimson Pharma - Develops and commercializes novel therapeutics to meet unmet outsourcing medical and pharmaceuticals economic needs, including treating cancer, AIDS, outsourcing and stroke. Offices in pharmaceuticals Fort Lee, New Jersey outsourcing and Shanghai, China, with headquarters in pharmaceuticals Hong Kong.

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