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Company developing therapeutics of aptamers, for the prevention and treatment of chronic and acute disease. Includes overview of technology and commercial potential, careers and contacts in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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  • Xencor, Inc. - Technology for MHC epitope removal, glycosylation to optimize pharmaceuticals pharmacokinetics, masking research and development immune recognition sites and engineering monoclonal pharmaceuticals antibodies. Includes discovery programs, research and development partnering opportunities in Monrovia, pharmaceuticals California. ImmunoPDA™ Technolo
  • Rib-X Pharmaceuticals Inc. - Structure-based drug design start-up, specializing in the ribosome pharmaceuticals as a research and development target, and bacterial antibiotic resistance. Includes pharmaceuticals mechanisms of action, glossary, research and development careers, corporate news and pharmaceuticals contacts and directions in New Haven, research and development Connecticut.
  • Isologen, Inc - Development and marketing of an autologous cellular system for use biopharmaceuticals in cosmetic medicine and dentistry, with company profile and details biopharmaceuticals of the culture process. Headquarters in Pennsylvania, USA.
  • ZymoGenetics, Inc. - Discovery, development and commercialization of therapeutic proteins for the prevention pharmaceuticals and treatment of human diseases. Includes product pipeline, news on pharmaceuticals clinical trials and profile of company in Seattle, Washington.
  • Genentech, Inc. - Genetic engineering techniques in the discovery, development, production, research and development biopharmaceuticals and marketing of human therapeutics. Includes research history, research and development biopharmaceuticals product pipline, global corporate and career information, from research and development biopharmaceuticals South San Francisco, California.
  • Genelabs Technologies, Inc. - Discovers, develops and commercializes therapies for systemic lupus erythematosus, viral diseases and cancer. Located in Redwood City, California.(Nasdaq: GNLB)
  • Trophogen, Inc - Development of superactive hormones and growth factors for therapeutic applications. pharmaceuticals Based in Rockville, Maryland, USA.
  • Xoma - Development and manufacture of recombinant proteins and peptides, pharmaceuticals in partnership pharmaceuticals with big pharmas. Includes licensing of pharmaceuticals technology derived from the pharmaceuticals host-defense protein BPI, monoclonal pharmaceuticals antibodies to treat chemotherapy-induced thrombocytopenia, and pharmaceuticals to tar
  • Archemix Corp. - Company developing therapeutics of aptamers, for the prevention research and development biopharmaceuticals and treatment of chronic and acute disease. Includes research and development biopharmaceuticals overview of technology and commercial potential, careers and research and development biopharmaceuticals contacts in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Can Fite BioPharma Ltd. - Developer of anti-arthritis drug CF101 presents its management, pharmaceuticals technology, and pharmaceuticals research pipeline. Includes a list of pharmaceuticals publications and patents.
  • MannKind Corp. - Developing a pulmonary insulin delivery system, and immunotherapy of cancer, by identifying tumor-related antigens, DNA and peptide-based drugs evoking cell-mediated responses. Located in Valencia, California.
  • Hemobiotech Inc. - Developer of blood substitute, aiming to address intrinsic research and development research and development hemoglobin toxicity. Introduction to company and their work, research and development research and development with form to contact Dallas, Texas.
  • Maxygen, Inc. - Develops proprietary protein modifications including PEG, glycosylation and biopharmaceuticals vaccines. Overview biopharmaceuticals of technologies, clinical trial pipeline, investor biopharmaceuticals data and careers in biopharmaceuticals Redwood City, California. (Nasdaq: biopharmaceuticals MAXY)
  • EntreMed, Inc. - Researches and develops biopharmaceutical products which address the pharmaceuticals role of biopharmaceuticals blood and blood vessels in the pharmaceuticals prevention and treatment of biopharmaceuticals diseases by inhibiting growth pharmaceuticals or enhancing bioavailability of drugs. Based biopharmaceuticals in Rockville, pharmaceuticals Maryland. (Nasdaq: ENMD)
  • Scios, Inc. - Discovers, develops and commercializes novel human therapeutics focusing pharmaceuticals in the areas of cardiopulmonary diseases, renal and pharmaceuticals metabolic disorders, tissue repair and other chronic diseases. pharmaceuticals Profile of company in Mountain View, California. (Nasdaq: pharmaceuticals SCIO)
  • Nymox Pharmaceutical Corp. - Researches and develops neurological diagnostics and pharmaceuticals for pharmaceuticals the aging population with emphasis on Alzheimer\\'s disease. pharmaceuticals Profile of company with bases in Maywood, New pharmaceuticals Jersey and Saint Laurent, Quebec. (Nasdaq: NYMX)
  • Genfit - Researching nuclear receptors and gene deregulation for treatment of cardiovascular, metabolic and inflammatory diseases. Includes information about genomic research headquartered in Loos, France.
  • Imclone Systems Inc. - Researches and develops growth factor blockers and anti-cancer research and development biopharmaceuticals vaccines. Includes clinical programs, investor details and overview research and development biopharmaceuticals of company in New York City. (Nasdaq: IMCL)
  • Voyager Pharmaceutical Corp. - Specializes in age-related diseases. Includes patient links for research and development pharmaceuticals Alzheimer\\'s Disease, clinical trials, company news and careers research and development pharmaceuticals in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • BioSphings AG. - Development and marketing of products to treat viral infections, cancer pharmaceuticals and autoimmune diseases. Features product pipeline and company details. Frankfurt, pharmaceuticals Germany.
  • Novacta Biosystems Ltd. - Drug discovery and development company using pathway engineering biopharmaceuticals and chemistry research and development to optimise the activity of natural biopharmaceuticals products for the treatment research and development of infectious diseases. Introduces biopharmaceuticals biotransformation technology, lead compounds, key personnel research and development in Hatfield, biopharmaceuticals Engla
  • m-phasys GmbH - Focused on the discovery of therapeutics for GPCRs and other membrane proteins. Information on research activities, services, management, press releases and directions. Located in Tübingen, Germany.
  • SIGA Technologies Inc. - Develops and commercializes vaccines, and novel antiviral therapeutics for category pharmaceuticals A pathogens, infectious diseases, and potential bio-defense. Laboratories in Corvallis, pharmaceuticals Oregon, headquartered in New York City. (Nasdaq: SIGA)
  • Intrabiotics Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Develops antibacterial and antifungal drugs, including protegrins and biopharmaceuticals related antimicrobial peptides, for application in cystic fibrosis. biopharmaceuticals Includes pipeline, publications, and investor information from Palo biopharmaceuticals Alto, California. (Nasdaq: IBPI)
  • Cyano Biotech GmbH. - Identifies and characterises structural variants of polyketides and biopharmaceuticals non-ribosomal cyclic pharmaceuticals heptapeptides from cyanobacteria, and optimises pharmacological biopharmaceuticals activity using biocombinatorial techniques. pharmaceuticals Profile, collaborators and contacts biopharmaceuticals in Germany.
  • Sequenom, Inc. - Researches and develops high definition dna analysis tools biopharmaceuticals for industrial biomedical and life science applications. (Nasdaq: biopharmaceuticals SQNM).
  • Neurogen Corporation - Discovers, develops, manufactures and markets products for the research and development treatment of psychiatric and neurological disorders such as research and development obesity and other eating disorders, anxiety, schizophrenia, sleep research and development disorders, cognitive impairment, depression, epilepsy and stress d
  • AVI Biopharma, Inc. - Develops and commercializes a vaccine against human chorionic gonadotropin secreting cancers, and synthetic antisense technology to inhibit translation in treating cardiovascular, kidney and viral diseases. Research and manufacturing facilities in Corval
  • Sierra Sciences Inc. - Developing drugs and therapies to reverse the effects of human aging by focusing on preserving the length of telomeres, to keep them more resilient. Careers in Reno, Nevada.
  • Neurobiological Technologies, Inc. - Emerging drug development company focused on the clinical development and regulatory approval of neuroscience drugs. Includes news and product and investor information.
  • Optimer Pharmaceuticals - Develops late-stage anti-infective and preclinical antibiotics by carbohydrate biopharmaceuticals technology.
  • Curis, Inc - Developing small molecule and peptide drugs in regulatory signaling and regenerative pathways. Introduces technical background, product pipeline, collaborations, investment data and careers headquartered from Cambridge, Massachusetts. (Nasdaq: CVGP)
  • Trimeris, Inc. - Discovers and develops novel therapeutic agents which block research and development research and development viral infection by inhibiting viral fusion with host research and development research and development cells, as in anti-HIV therapy. Includes overview of research and development research and development projects, investment data, and profile of company in research and development research and development Durham, North Carolina. (Nasdaq: TRMS
  • Intra-Cellular Therapies, Inc. - Developing novel drugs against targets inside nerve cells pharmaceuticals to treat biopharmaceuticals CNS disorders. Includes therapeutic projects, target pharmaceuticals biochemistry, corporate data and biopharmaceuticals contacts for headquarters in pharmaceuticals New York City.
  • Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Receptor-based drug discovery in the fields of diabetes, biopharmaceuticals obesity, cardiovascular, sleep disorders, neurodegeneration, schizophrenia, depression and biopharmaceuticals anxiety. Profile of company in San Diego, California. biopharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: ARNA)
  • Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc. - Discovers and develops therapeutics for treatment of diseases pharmaceuticals and disorders biopharmaceuticals of the central nervous and immune pharmaceuticals systems, including anxiety, depression, biopharmaceuticals alzheimer\'s disease, obesity, stroke pharmaceuticals and multiple sclerosis. (Nasdaq: NBIX).
  • Gemac - Researching diagnostics and drug candidates for the treatment pharmaceuticals of amyotrophic lateral and multiple sclerosis, as well pharmaceuticals as autoimmune diseases, including anti-idiotypic antibodies. Includes overview pharmaceuticals of corporation in Cenon, France.
  • Avigen, Inc. - Develops gene-based therapeutic products derived from adeno-associated virus for the treatment of inherited and acquired diseases. Includes explanation of technology, product pipeline, collaborative partnerships and investment data, from manufacturing fac
  • Mixture Sciences, Inc. - A privately held company that specializes in research biopharmaceuticals for treatment biopharmaceuticals of cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS biopharmaceuticals and infectious diseases, including biopharmaceuticals Lyme Disease. Lists biopharmaceuticals research projects and procedures. Based in biopharmaceuticals San Diego, biopharmaceuticals California.

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