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Performs pharmacokinetic and statistical analyses for pharmaceutical companies using sophisticated analytic tools, including nonlinear mixed-effects modeling. We analyze preclinical and clinical data, design dosing and sampling regimens, and prepare repor

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  • ORIAM - Software editor for clinical trial and adverse event management.
  • EMB Statistical Solutions, LLC - Contract research organization that supports product development in outsourcing the pharmaceutical pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industries through the management outsourcing and statistical analysis of pharmaceuticals clinical research data.
  • Integrated Clinical Systems, Inc. - Integrated Review - a clinical application which uses "patient" as its paradigm. Allows immediate access to clinical data within DomainPharma\\'s Clintrial3&4.x and Clintrace(x.x), Oracle Clinical(x.x), eRT eDataManagement and eSafetyNet, Imag
  • StudyManager, Inc. - Develops mission-critical clinical trial project management software for pharmaceutical sponsors, pharmaceuticals site management organizations, contract research organizations, and independent research sites.
  • Health Care Online - Internet-based clinical trial and outcomes study electronic data outsourcing capture ASP serving biotech, pharmaceutical, medical devices companies outsourcing and CROs.
  • Clinical Data Management and Biostatistics - Providing clinical data management software and services to the pharmaceutical data management research industry.
  • David Thompson Applied Statistics - Statistical and data management consulting services for pharmaceutical pharmaceuticals research, based in the UK.
  • Fortress Medical Systems, LLC. - Creator of Clindex clinical trial software for data data management and outsourcing trial management.
  • META Solutions - Advanced technology to help the pharmaceutical and biotechnology outsourcing industries improve data management information management processes and procedures.
  • Pharma Open Source Community - Open Source Clinical Trials Electronic Data Capture (remote data entry) software.
  • Syne qua non - A specialist CRO that provides Data Management, Biostatistics, CRF Design, Medical Writing, Quality Assurance and Systems Validation services to the pharmaceutical industry. One of the largest niche Data Management companies in Europe that has experience
  • Intellipharm, LLC - Research software for the pharmaceutical scientist.
  • PHT Corporation - Advanced Information Technology Solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Pioneer in revolutionizing electronic Web data capture and control systems for managing clinical trials.
  • eResearchTechnology, Inc. - Business to business provider of integrated technology within medicine and outsourcing the industry. Includes corporate overview, news and events, and employment outsourcing opportunities from Peterborough, England and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. (Nasdaq: outsourcing ERES)
  • Cardinal Systems - A CRO providing centralized randomization, clinical data management, outsourcing ICH report pharmaceuticals production (XML - PDF for the outsourcing FDA) and extranet applications pharmaceuticals for efficient pharmaceutical/biotechnology product outsourcing development.
  • ProIRB Plus, Inc. - PC and web-based Institutional Review Board application, with data management details of features and technical support, screenshots and data management contact details. St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.
  • - Performs pharmacokinetic and statistical analyses for pharmaceutical companies pharmaceuticals using sophisticated data management analytic tools, including nonlinear mixed-effects modeling. pharmaceuticals We analyze preclinical and data management clinical data, design dosing pharmaceuticals and sampling regimens, and prepare repor
  • Phase Forward - Web-based clinical trial data collection and management software data management and outsourcing services.
  • DZS Software Solutions - DZS Software Solutions, Inc. is the developer of data management the outsourcing ClinPlus software for clinical data management, remote data management data entry, outsourcing statistical analysis, reporting and coding (including data management MedDRA).
  • PharmStats, Ltd. - Provides statistical support for clinical trial report preparation. outsourcing Also provides services in health outcome research, clinical and regulatory outsourcing support in clinical trials.

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