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Offering preclinical consulting and testing services for pilot feasibility, proof of concept, and evaluation of novel medical products. Includes information on peripheral and coronary vascular studies.

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  • Invivopharm - Research services in drug biodistribution, quantitative whole-body autoradiograph, pharmaceuticals tissue autoradiography and receptor occupancy determinations in rodents
  • Across Barriers GmbH - Offers permeation studies for the characterization of drugs on both human cell cultures and animal tissue. Located in Germany.
  • KARD Scientific - Conducts in vivo efficacy studies to support drug discovery and pharmaceuticals development. Models include cancer, neurological, inflammation, arthritis and other diseases.
  • MIR Preclininal Services - Contract research organization located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. pre-clinical Specializes in the preclinical assessments and evaluation of pre-clinical novel anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory therapeutic agents.
  • CanCog Technologies - Provides predictive screening of new therapies for chronic neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer\\'s disease, and other neuropsychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia, depression and anxiety. In Toronto, Canada.
  • Pluris Research, Inc. - A contract surgical research facility specializing in providing products evaluation pre-clinical studies for consumer-medical-surgical product research and development.
  • The Institute for Bioanalytics (IBA) - Customized methods to measure biomarkers relevant to drug efficacy, toxicity pre-clinical and disease. Leading edge applications utilize experience in assay pre-clinical development, optimization, performance validation, clinical utility assessment and regulatory approval
  • Marin Biologic Laboratories - Provides custom research for assay development, validation and testing services pharmaceuticals for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic and agricultural industries. Includes plant, pharmaceuticals stem cell and in vitro systems.
  • BioAssist, Inc - Offering services for nonclinical and feasibility studies. Includes details of device and technology assessments, business development and reimburstments. Vacaville, California, USA.
  • Scantox - Offers a wide range of toxicology and pharmacology testing in pharmaceuticals minipigs and other species. Scantox performs routine and specialised tests, pharmaceuticals including dermal and inhalation studies, genotoxicity and reproductive toxicity.
  • Molecular Profiles - Provides support to the pharmaceutical drug formulation process and patent pharmaceuticals protection/litigation through conventional and advanced solid-state surface analyses. In pharmaceuticals Nottingham, UK.
  • In Vivo -Clinical Quality Services - Offers clinical quality assurance services, with auditing and pharmaceuticals consultancy. Based in Israel.
  • ITR Laboratories Canada - Conducts toxicology studies in a variety of animal products evaluation species and provides analytical chemistry services for the products evaluation biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. In English and French.
  • CIT (Centre International de Toxicologie) - Supports biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies by providing pre-clinical pharmaceuticals safety studies pre-clinical in compliance with international guidelines.
  • Jai Research Foundation - Specializes in preclinical research and safety testing of agrochemicals, biocides, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, food additives and consumer products.
  • Northeastern Wildlife - Facilities and services for opposum and hibernation research, products evaluation non traditional lab animal models, Hepatitis B Virus products evaluation (HBV), Hepatitis D Virus (HDV) research, and preclinical products evaluation studies.
  • Kinesis Pharma B.V. - Provides biometric support on the pharmacokinetic and statistical analysis of pharmaceuticals data from preclinical and clinical studies including study design, protocol pharmaceuticals writing, data analysis, (bioequivalence) statistics, reporting and consultancy on drug pharmaceuticals development pr
  • BioModels - Provides pre-clinical research and consulting services to pharmaceutical pre-clinical and biotechnology companies.
  • Molecular Imaging Research, Inc. - Offers preclinical evaluation of novel anti-tumor agents using xenograft, orthotopic, and transgenic animal models, and employing a wide array of novel molecular imaging technologies. In Ann Arbor, MI.
  • NeuroInvestigations, Inc. - A contract research company providing preclinical testing of neurological pharmaceuticals pharmaceuticals in animal models as well as analysis of genetically altered pharmaceuticals rodents.
  • Iris Pharma - Specializes in ophthalmology pre-clinical studies and offers full products evaluation services with the departments of pre-clinical research, basic products evaluation research and bio-analysis.
  • BioDevelopment Associates, LLC - Offering preclinical consulting and testing services for pilot feasibility, proof of concept, and evaluation of novel medical products. Includes information on peripheral and coronary vascular studies.
  • Charles River Laboratories - Toxicology services include infusion, inhalation, reproduction, safety, immunology products evaluation and genetic testing. Also offers infusion equipment, products evaluation analytical services and drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) products evaluation studies.
  • Rephartox B.V. - Offers services in drug pharmacology and toxicology and bio-assay methods for use in molecular design studies, metabolism studies, kinetic studies, drug targeting and formulation studies, quality control and stability testing.
  • Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories USA - Offers pre-clinical contract research services for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industries.
  • Gwathmey, Inc. - Specializes in GLP pre-clinical animal studies and models, pharmaceuticals in vitro products evaluation assays and molecular assays for drug pharmaceuticals development. Has human brain products evaluation tissues, heart tissues and pharmaceuticals neuronal cells available for studies.
  • Auto Gentox Corporation - Provides pharmacokinetics, genetic toxicology and drug pre-screening assay pharmaceuticals services specializing in the COMET assay, a single-cell pharmaceuticals gel electrophoresis assay.
  • Celebricon Ltd. - Specializes in in vitro neurological pre-clinical research. products evaluation Available models include CNS diseases such as stroke, products evaluation Parkinson\\'s disease, Alzheimer\\'s disease, multiple sclerosis, migraine, traumatic products evaluation brain injury, spinal cord injury, Huntington's disease and
  • Stemcell Technologies - Offers drug and xenobiotic hemotoxicity and immunotoxicity screening, products evaluation hematopoietic and immune cell modulation assay services, phenotypic products evaluation characterization, validation studies and rodent in vivo testing. products evaluation Located in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Behavioral Pharma - Provides preclinical, in vivo behavioral pharmacology research and testing to pre-clinical better understand the behavioral effects of compounds during the earliest pre-clinical phases of drug development. In Solana Beach, CA.
  • Neuro Detective International - A network of University-based scientists in Canada, the pharmaceuticals United States, products evaluation and Europe conducting studies in accredited pharmaceuticals facilities [GLP-compliant or investigatory products evaluation (pre-IND)].

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