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Public speaking, management, and sales communication training classes. Contains company profile, course descriptions and consulting services details. Vancouver, British Columbia.

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  • Presentation Coaching Institute: Peterson and Associates International. - Public speaking seminars, presentation and sales coaching. Presentation canada skills tips and tools for the workplace. Ontario.
  • Patty Shortreed: Claim Your Voice ~ Claim Your Power - Offers programs, coaching and consulting for the development north america of successful communication skills. Calgary, Alberta.
  • Robert Tracz - Works with individuals and organizations to improve their north america communication, north america presentation and marketing skills. Keynotes and seminars. north america Hamilton, Ontario.
  • SpeakerSkills - Services include public speaking courses, telephone coaching service canada and manuals. Toronto, Ontario.
  • Pamela Hart: Release Your Voice - A technique to develop public speaking expertise and presentation north america skills. Offers private tutoring and seminars. Includes speaking tips and north america testimonials. Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • The Harvard Advantage - Public speaking, management, and sales communication training classes. canada Contains company canada profile, course descriptions and consulting services canada details. Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Rena Cohen - Professional speech coaching, including how to organize a speech, develop vocal range, engage an audience and handle questions. Features biography and tips. Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • George Torok - Speech coaching and presentation skills training to groups or one-on-one. Burlington, Ontario.
  • StageCoach Consulting - Coaching for professionals and editing services available to education and training authors, speakers, business owners, and organizations. Granby, Quebec.
  • Marian Lewandowski - Effective Presentations - A one hour seminar on how to create and deliver effective presentations. Includes topics and testimonials. Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • The Humphrey Group, Inc. - Offers one-on-one coaching, group seminars and half-day workshops on topics canada that include performance anxiety and persuasive presentations. Toronto, Ontario.
  • COMMbits - Presentation skills training, preparation including Power Point and education and training multimedia and presentation services and coaching. Toronto, Ontario.
  • MediaTalk with David Berner - Media training workshops for corporates with an experienced education and training canada broadcast journalist. Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Dynamic Presentations, Inc. - Presentation, sales and selling skills, business development and canada personal marketing north america training. Toronto, Ontario.

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