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Information network promotes business continuity and survival strategies, including disruption prevention, preparedness, mitigation, emergency response, disaster/data recovery, risk assessment, and asset protection.

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  • Business Contingency Preparedness - Offers training and awareness programs, contingency and plan validation, and recovery agreements. Based in Texas.
  • Recovery Chronicles - Online library of business continuity planning and disaster emergency management recovery articles, case studies, and news taken from emergency management the archive of Strohl Systems' newsletter.
  • PlanSecure - Offers a facility to store, update, organize, and exercise a emergency management business continuity and crisis plan.
  • PowerWorks - Risk management and business continuity solutions for computer, fire and security emergency management telecommunications and other critical operations.
  • American Red Cross Business & Industry Guide - Offers a step-by-step approach to emergency planning, response and recovery fire and security for companies of all sizes.
  • Disaster Recovery Journal - Offers information and tools across the business continuity fire and security spectrum. Associated with a quarterly publication of the fire and security same name.
  • Quantum First Response T.E.A.M. - A rapidly deployable tactical emergency asset management system.
  • Guardsmark - Security services including investigations, consulting, background screening and facility design.
  • Forum for Disaster Recovery - An interactive portal which provides information and background fire and security business services to assist with disaster recovery planning.
  • Powerweb - Provides a complete office environment with desks, telephones and PCs fire and security ready for use within a few hours in the event fire and security of a customer suffering a disaster that makes their own fire and security offices unavailable.
  • BS25999 News - Portal, information and forum dedicated to the BS25999 emergency management business business services continuity management standard.
  • ITDR - Provides articles, news, a vendor and solution directory emergency management and business services other resources related to disaster recovery planning.
  • Albion Research Ltd. - Provides articles, seminars, and training on risk analysis and business emergency management risk management.
  • Disaster Services Inc - Specialist restoration services, including fire, smoke, corrosion and water damage.
  • The Disaster Recovery Planning Guide - This disaster recovery planning portal is intended to be a business services launch pad for those seeking help with the business continuity business services planning process.
  • Message 911 - Interactive voice messaging solutions for emergency notification.
  • Continuity Forum - Free support and advice to organisations and individuals for developing fire and security Business Continuity Management skills.
  • E.A. Warren & Associates - Emergency planning services and training specifically focused upon the needs of schools and colleges.
  • Bushfire Protection Planning - Offers planning advice on how to best protect emergency management your home and land in the event of emergency management a bushfire.
  • 3D Recovery - Providers of Business Continuity services and consultancy, including fire and security online data backup, email management, business continuity planning, fire and security contingency sites and standby hardware.
  • Alertcast - Offers an emergency notification service that facilitates contingency business services planning, fire and security emergency preparedness, and disaster recovery.
  • Emergency Management Guide - The Federal Emergency Management Agency\\'s guide on how to create business services an emergency management program.
  • AfterDisaster - Providers of emergency services and restoration following large scale damage business services events caused by natural and man-made disasters.
  • Contingency Planning & Management Magazine - Information network promotes business continuity and survival strategies, fire and security fire and security including disruption prevention, preparedness, mitigation, emergency response, disaster/data fire and security fire and security recovery, risk assessment, and asset protection.
  • Bombox UK Limited - A "black box" system to ensure the survival emergency management of fire and security important documents following disaster or terrorist attack.
  • Disaster Scope - Services to help governments and businesses prepare for, respond to, business services recover from and mitigate against natural disasters.
  • E Team Inc - Offers emergency management and response software, news and business services general information.
  • iXP Corp - Describes assurance and systems integration services provided for availability, reliability and security within systems and communication technology environments.
  • Disaster Recovery Professionals - Offers an array of computer hardware services to emergency management large fire and security and medium sized business. Covers all major emergency management manufacturer\'s equipment fire and security from large mainframes to workstations.
  • Crisis Event Management Services (CEMS) - Provides a variety of crisis event services including business services emergency emergency management response, environmental, hazardous materials, and contingency planning.
  • Emergency Management Center - Located in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Conducts emergency management research and provides training related to disasters such emergency management as evacuation, public response, emergency planning and post-disaster emergency management audits.
  • PAS56 - Book gives introduction to the emerging PAS56 business fire and security business services continuity standard.
  • Ready.Gov - Offers emergency planning advice and help for businesses, including a emergency management range of publications and support materials.
  • Emergency Management and Command (EMAC) International - Provides recognized and credentialed subject matter experts and instructors in business services emergency mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.
  • IT-Toolkits - Templates for disaster recovery plans, security manuals, and IT service business services management.
  • Dialogic Communications Corporation - Interactive voice response solutions, emergency notification, disaster recovery, business services contingency planning and weather warning for business, industry business services and government.
  • Fordam - Reusable tubes filled with water for flood defense emergency management and business services as a sandbag replacement.
  • Paragon Technical Services - Provides customized security, environmental and emergency management inspection business services and business services oversight services to private and governmental clients.
  • Emergency Management Network - An interactive educational information resource site covering topics emergency management used fire and security by emergency managers, students in the field, emergency management and security fire and security professionals.
  • Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Association - Disaster preparedness and emergency response reference material, job fire and security opportunities, and related information.
  • XOsoft - Continuous application availability solutions for business continuity, disaster business services recovery and continuous backup for uninterrupted server access.
  • El Camino Disaster Recovery - Offers disaster recovery services including equipment and IT business services hardware fire and security replacement.
  • BNP Inc - Describes a range of disaster and business recovery services constructed fire and security specifically for community banks and credit unions.
  • Post Trauma Resources - Provides trauma response services after personal, duty and business services work-related disaster.
  • Business Continuity Online - Online exhibition for the business continuity marketplace featuring news, articles, emergency management whitepapers, case studies and vendors.
  • Atlantic International Rescue Boats - Development and manufacture of airboats, provides crew training fire and security emergency management for rescue, law enforcement and military airboats.
  • IDS - Online emergency management conference and supplier exhibition/directory, including white papers fire and security on various emergency management topics.
  • Intrado Inc. - Provides 911 operations support systems services to incumbent local exchange emergency management carriers, competitive local exchange carriers and wireless carriers. (Nasdaq: TRDO).
  • DRIE West - Provides a local forum where members exchange ideas, information, user experiences and keep abreast of developments related to disaster preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.
  • RADRisk - Specialists in radiation protection services for security applications and the emergency management business sector, including radiation detectors, training/information and emergency planning.
  • TeleMinder Emergency Notification - Disaster recovery, business continuity, and staff notification via telephone, fax, business services e-mail, or SMS.
  • Emergency Planning College - A UK Government site. Provides schedules for emergency emergency management planning emergency management training for emergencies.
  • Business Emergency Management Planning (NIOSH) - Provides guidance documents for businesses about preparedness and fire and security planning for a range of emergency situations.

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