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Software product range including business continuity, disaster recovery, sarbanes oxley, service level agreements and information security products relating to standards ISO17799 and BS7799.

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  • Easy2solve - Software product range including business continuity, disaster recovery, software sarbanes oxley, fire and security service level agreements and information security software products relating to standards fire and security ISO17799 and BS7799.
  • AristotleAlert - Provides computer desktop and email notification of emergency emergency management and emergency management informational events. Includes product features and contacts.
  • Global Alert Link - Describes crisis communications and issue management software for software emergency response.
  • 3Csafe - Offers an information portal and an emergency management emergency management software platform and specifically targeting school safety.
  • Critical Incident Solutions Inc. - Describes an online solution to help crisis and emergency response teams manage their daily activities.
  • ErLogix - PC and Web based software package for disaster recovery and software business continuity planning. Includes product information and on-line purchase.
  • Cobweb Applications - Offer business continuity planning and information security resources.
  • GeoAge - Implements damage assessment and GIS applications, with remote fire and security emergency management field data collection capability. Field applications run on fire and security emergency management any Windows device, and applications are hosted or fire and security emergency management customized for your network.
  • MIR3, Inc. - Intelligent notification solutions for disaster recovery, contingency planning and business software continuity.
  • EastBanc Technologies - System to catalog volunteer and other emergency resources, software combined with a set of workflows to standardize, software manage, and track the collaborative requests and responses software of Emergency Support Functions (ESFs).
  • Incident Command Technologies - Offers products that assist in the management of software resources so software that mission-critical decisions can be made software with accurate information.
  • Disaster Recovery Software (DRS) - A software product and methodology to document business software continuity and software recovery plans. Also provides related consulting software services.
  • Business Protection Systems International - Provides business continuity planning software for disaster recovery and business software resumption.
  • Lifesaver - Describes a Windows based fire safety awareness program.
  • Continuity Software - Business continuity software for monitoring and testing including emergency management immediate notification of unprotected data, application configuration gaps, emergency management and Business Continuity SLA Breaches.
  • RapidReach - Automated notification tools to contact emergency call-outs via software phone, Blackberry, fire and security pager, fax, PDA, or email. Hosted software or onsite solutions.
  • Synergistic Online Solutions - Provides AS/400 disaster recovery, proprietary high availability programs fire and security fire and security and hosting solutions.
  • Safe in the Knowledge - Offers a tool to assess how well an software organization can emergency management cope with disaster and disruption.
  • EPlan LLC - Offers turnkey emergency planning software.
  • SCB Software - Supplier of a management tool that provides information fire and security on agencies that provide emergency services.
  • Prepared Response, Inc. - Offers a critical incident management system for large scale multi-jurisdictional software events.
  • Cyberglue eAlert - Internet based software and hardware system provides a software single system software for managing emergency notifications.
  • Texonet Ltd - Describes the method and process used to create emergency management a business continuity plan using the software offered emergency management on site.
  • RecoveryPlanner - Describes a web-based software service including risk management, software business impact emergency management analysis, business continuity planning, emergency notifications software and incident management.
  • CBD-e Limited - Describes a web based plan building approach to fire and security software continuity planning, including supporting method and process.
  • Crisis Management Software - Describes the product Crisis Commander and contains information emergency management on Crisis Commander\\'s features, benefits and application to emergency management crisis management, incident management and business continuity planning.
  • Disaster Management Solutions - Develops integrated patient, personnel, equipment, and mass vaccination tracking solutions. software FIPS-201, ESAR-VHP and NIMS compliant.

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