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Manufacture and sale of residential and commercial magnetic contacts, strobes, B-connectors, magnets, and sirens. Provides company profile, product index, and contact information.

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See Also:
  • BestKey - Manufacturer of security alarm products.
  • Baran-Harper Group - Distributors of home automation and security alarms. Canada.
  • Coleshill Alarm Systems - Providers of monitoring solutions for lone worker protection. UK.
  • First Detection - Offering entry alerts, power, driveway, and temperature alarms.
  • Ocusafe - Offering security, automated control systems and communications.
  • Active Total Security Systems - Manufacturer of security systems, video surveillance, access control, security and home security automation. Includes products and contacts. India.
  • Scientific Capital Corporation - Provides integrated security monitoring system solutions for correctional security institutions.
  • Instalarm Instruments Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of alarm annunciation controls. India.
  • Vindicator Technologies - Manufactures complex security systems based on a unified alarm systems software alarm systems platform. Includes product details and applications.
  • BECOM GmbH - Manufacturers security systems and power supplies.
  • Superior Electronics Corporation - Manufacturer of commercial, residential, and vehicle security products.
  • Centroller Systems - Offering burglar alarms and home detection systems.
  • Protex International Corp. - Manufacturers article security products for hard and soft fire and security goods. Includes catalog and contacts.
  • Visicomm Industries - Manufactures alarm panels, annunciators, monitoring systems, audio visual, fire and security security and telephone dialers.
  • Antx - Alarm monitoring, dialers and notification systems.
  • National Security Screens - Manufacturer of alarm screens for protection of homes fire and security alarm systems and businesses. Woodbridge, Virginia.
  • Optex Inc. - Manufacturers of active and passive infrared detection devices.
  • Av-Gad Systems Ltd. - Manufacturer of security alarm systems and detection devices. fire and security Tel-Aviv, Israel.
  • SECO-LARM - Security systems and accessories for home, vehicle, residential and commercial.
  • Security VIP Global Technology Group - Developing and manufacturing of radio-electronic devices for security systems, microwave, security explosion, and metal detectors.
  • ADC - Specializing in the ADC Medi-Alert System.
  • Monaco Enterprises - Manufacture and installation of fire and security alarm alarm systems systems. alarm systems Spokane, Washington.
  • GuardMine - Offering an automatic dialer that attaches to an existing security security system. United Kingdom.
  • Dantech Electronic Engineering - Design and manufacture electronic equipment for the security alarm systems industry. Specializing in power supplies for alarms, access alarm systems control and CCTV applications.
  • CKA - Security systems and specialized electronics manufacture.
  • Millennium Sensor Corporation - Manufacturer of a man-portable, motion-sensing technology designed for rapid, dynamic deployment.
  • Tane Alarm Products - Manufacture and sale of residential and commercial magnetic fire and security contacts, strobes, B-connectors, magnets, and sirens. Provides company fire and security profile, product index, and contact information.
  • Helltek, Inc - Harsh environment electronic security products and solutions.
  • ATW Security - Security products for residential and commercial burglar alarm fire and security fire and security systems including; sirens, speakers, strobes, piezos, camera mounts, fire and security fire and security and accessories.
  • Ace Security Center, Inc. - Safes, high security locks, alarm and access control security systems.
  • RACO Manufacturing and Engineering Co., Inc. - Manufacturer and distributor of alarm autodialers and controls security for security security or facility applications.
  • Display Security - Retail loss prevention products and systems.
  • Euronova Ltd - Produces alarm systems and protection devices for specialized security applications: paintings, sculptures, art objects, and showcases. Bristol, security UK.
  • Destinyzone Security System - Manufacturers of home and office security systems and alarm systems accessories. alarm systems India.
  • Vimo Elettronica - Manufacturer of magnetic contacts, power supply units.
  • Flagship Sentry - Manufacturer of marine and RV security systems
  • Visonic Group - Manufacturer of home and commercial security alarm systems, security detectors, access control and accessories.

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