Wireless Alarm Systems Security Fire and Security

Companies that primarily manufacture or distribute wireless alarm systems and/or accessories

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  • Cepro Products - Provides an integrated wireless security system.
  • Cross Point Industries - Wireless security notification system that allows recording of security multiple messages.
  • Driveway Alarm Depot Network - Offering different models of wireless driveway alarms.
  • MDH - Manufacture and supply of wireless equipment for security, safety, paging and remote control.
  • Logisty - Manufacturer of anti break-in wireless alarms, GSM technical surveillance for homes and professional premises.
  • United Lifeline - Offering medical alert alarms.
  • Connect America LLC - Offering wireless medical alert and home security alarm wireless systems, and monitoring. Broomall, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Desert Security Products - Providing wireless security systems to the RV and wireless Boat market.
  • The Driveway Alert Driveway Alarm - Offering wireless driveway alarms from Miltronic.
  • Daitem - Manufacturer of wireless alarm systems.
  • Micro-Al Radio Systems - Design and manufacture of specialist long range alarm security systems located wireless in the UK.

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