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Offers Welsh companies the opportunity to view the best practices of other organisations. Events, company profiles, visitation rules, and a contact form.

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  • Quality Management Association of New York - The QMA is a group of New York area managers and QA professionals who promote and manage quality within their organizations.
  • ISO Benchmarking Association - Brings professionals of companies that are ISO Certified associations or are seeking ISO Certification together to share associations information to improve business processes.
  • Ukrainian associacion for quality - The Ukrainian Association for Quality (UAQ) is a business services public associations professional organization, leader of the movement for business services quality in associations Ukraine.
  • American Society for Quality - Tappan Zee Section 309 - Chapter news, program information and job postings.
  • Inside Welsh Industry - Offers Welsh companies the opportunity to view the best practices of other organisations. Events, company profiles, visitation rules, and a contact form.
  • Pakistan Institute of Quality Control - Events, courses, certificate programs, and contact information.
  • American Society for Quality - Toronto Section - Education, certification and support for professionals in the quality control and associations tracking quality field with specific emphasis on the Toronto, quality control associations and tracking Canada area.
  • St. Louis Professionals in Healthcare Quality - SPHQ strives to keep quality professionals informed of associations current issues, quality control and tracking to provide educational experiences and to associations enhance networking opportunities.
  • Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) - Promotes the education, training, qualification and professional development quality control and business services tracking of those who value quality, and is a quality control business services and tracking leading body for the advancement of quality practices. quality business services control and tracking Based in London, UK. (Formerly the Institute of business services quality control and tracking Quality Assurance.)
  • Association of Productivity Specialists - The organization that regulates and trains productivity professionals.
  • American Society of Quality - Asheville, NC Chapter - Local chapter information on meetings and courses.
  • American Society for Quality, Section 509, Washington DC - Local chapter activities including calendar of events, newsletters, business services professional papers, and other information.
  • American Society for Quality - Network of professionals dedicated to promoting and expanding operational excellence through the use of quality management tools and technology.
  • American Society for Quality - Louisville Section 912 - The Louisville Section of ASQ advances the ideas of performance excellence by providing opportunities for learning, quality improvement, and knowledge exchange at the local level.
  • American Statistical Association - A scientific and educational society dedicated to promoting associations excellence in the application of statistical science.
  • The Business Improvement Network - Quality Managers Network or Forum with training and business services free business services information for UK Quality Management.
  • IRCA - The International Register of Certificated Auditors is an associations international certification body for auditors of management systems associations provides certification programs.
  • The British Quality Foundation - Helps organisations improve performance by applying techniques such business services as associations Lean, Six Sigma, the EFQM Excellence Model business services and by associations promoting best practices.
  • American Society for Quality - Section 0704 Phoenix , Arizona - The "Valley of the Sun" Section of ASQ associations is a quality control and tracking network of regional professionals dedicated to associations promoting and expanding operational quality control and tracking excellence through quality management associations tools and technology.
  • US Standards Group On QEDS - US Standards Group on Quality Management, Environmental Management, Dependability, and associations Statistics (QEDS)

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