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Development and commercialisation of bioproducts including 1,3-beta-D-glucan, mannoprotein, CM glucan and mycotoxin binder. Includes competencies and profile of company in Schlieren, Switzerland.

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  • MaxDragon Cyclodextrin - Manufactures and exports cyclodextrins, complexes and their derivates, including linoleic acid, biotin from tea tree oil, and essential oils. Contacts in Guangzhooudadaozhong, China.
  • CTD, Inc. - Specialized producer of cyclodextrins, for research and investigative use. Site offers chemical and application information.
  • Shangyu Biotech Co., Ltd. - Specifications of chitosan, hyaluronate, glucosamine, mannosamine and neuraminic sugars acid derivatives biochemical from manufacturer in Zhejiang, China.
  • GlycoSyn - Provides small molecules, carbohydrates and multi-step synthesis using sugars in pharmaceutical chemicals industry from New Zealand.
  • GlycoMar Ltd. - An innovative drug discovery and development company pursuing untapped biological sugars and chemical diversity to identify new drug candidates from marine sugars organisms.
  • Purac - Manufacturer of natural lactic acid, lactates and gluconates. biochemical Contacts for sales offices worldwide with production facilities biochemical in the USA, Brazil, Spain and the Netherlands.
  • Xianju Tengwang Chitosan Factory - Research, production and trade private company, founded in chemicals 1993, and biochemical specializes in chitosan products, in Taizhou, chemicals China.
  • Glycoform Limited - A glycochemistry company with a core expertise and intellectual property in sugar chemistry and protein glycosylation. The company is applying its expertise in the fields of therapeutic proteins, drug targetting using glycosylation, enzyme activated pro-d
  • Yixing Tongda Chemical Co., Ltd. - Carboxy methyl and polyanionic cellulose related research, development chemicals and production sugars in Fenshui, China.
  • Dextra Laboratories Ltd - UK provider of glycoscience products. Offering custom synthesis sugars services and analytical services specialising in carbohydrates.
  • ABAC GmbH - Development and commercialisation of bioproducts including 1,3-beta-D-glucan, mannoprotein, CM glucan chemicals and mycotoxin binder. Includes competencies and profile of company in chemicals Schlieren, Switzerland.
  • Yancheng Huayou Biochemistry Industry Co., Ltd. - Producer of food additives, including lactic acid, calcium lactate, ethyl sugars lactate, ethyl caproate, caproic acid, and alcohol spice in Yanshan, sugars China.
  • International Starch Institute - Private center for research, development and engineering, biochemical and involved in the commercial production of tailor-made biochemical products, analytical essays, testing, contract research and technical biochemical consulting, at the Aarhus University, Denmark.
  • Glycotope GmbH - Provide drug development, analytics, glycobiology, cell biology, molecular biology, antibody engineering and immunology to develop own innovative pharmaceutical therapeutics and nutrition additives and to offer state-of-the art services.
  • GuanYun Bio-Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer offering extracts and their derivatives, of sugars chondratin, chitosan, bear gallbladder and St.John\\'s wort. Includes sugars specifications for pharmaceutical, industrial and agricultural grades, references, sugars and contacts in China.
  • Anqing Hexing Chemical Co., Ltd. - Succinic acid, anhydride and succinates, phthalocyanine pignments, with specifications and chemicals export from China.
  • - List of carbohydrates and specifications, that are produced sugars in Europe chemicals for sale in North America from sugars specialist distributor in Calgary, chemicals Canada.
  • Aoxing Biotechnology Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer from China, offering Chitin and biochemical Glucosamine sugars derivates'research, development and production.
  • Suzhou Tianpu Chemical Co., Ltd - Company offering cellulose ethers, and related services to consumer markets, chemicals from Fenghuang, China.
  • Taizhou Candorly Sea Biochemical & Health Products Co., Ltd. - Processing and managing medical intermediates and antiviral products from marine organisms, such as chitin, glucosamine hydrochloride and clindamycin, at Wenling, China.
  • Lectinity Holding, Inc. - Offer custom synthesis of tailored PAA-glucoconjugate, glycoarrays, glycoparticles, glycosurfaces and sugars adsorbents. Includes applications, publications and links to worldwide distributors, with sugars customer services in Moscow, Russia.
  • Neoparin, Inc. - Provide products derived from heparin and other glycosaminoglycans.
  • Glycon Biochemicals GmbH - Provider of carbohydrate, exploit a wide variety of chemical reactions and process technologies for the synthesis of carbohydrates and their derivatives.
  • Neose Technologies, Inc. - Discovers and develops synthesized complex carbohydrates for pharmaceutical, biochemical nutritional and sugars consumer uses.
  • Glycoteam GmbH. - Custom synthesis and analytical research on carbohydrate derivatives biochemical for chemical and pharmaceutical use. Includes product list, biochemical citations, enquiry form and overview of facilities in biochemical Hamburg, Germany.
  • Qingdao Haihua Chemicals Co.,Ltd. - Producing alginate, iodine and mannitol to ISO9002 standard, chemicals with fuel chemicals as by-products, and engages in sea chemicals farming, from Wanggezhuang, China.
  • JunKangBiotech Co., Ltd. - Production of sialic acid and its carbohydrate derivatives. chemicals Includes specifications, biochemical FAQ, ordering information, and profile of chemicals company in Getdd, Guangzhou, biochemical China.
  • Sussex Research - Manufacturer of developing innovative processes to synthesize and exploit the sugars properties associated with carbohydrate-based molecules for a number of sugars applications including glycotherapeutic and glycoconjugate vaccine development, therapeutic enhancement
  • V-LABS, Inc. - Consulting, manufacturing and analytical chemists based in Covington, Louisiana.
  • New Zealand Pharmaceuticals Ltd. - GMP certified manufacturer of extracts of natural raw materials, including biochemical dirivatives of cholic acid, chondroitin sulphate and other glycosaminoglycans, proteins biochemical and peptones, at Palmerston, North Island. Products have pharmaceutical, dietary biochemical supplement,
  • Glycorex AB - Manufacturer of bioactive carbohydrates, neoglycoconjugates, reagents and affinity materials for research and commercial applications within the Glycobiology field.
  • X-Gluc - Offers 5-bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl-beta-D-glucuronic acid and cyclohexylammonium salt, with prices from UK.
  • Ludger Ltd. - Bioscience company products for glycobiology and glycomics specialising sugars in glycotechnology chemicals for therapeutic. Includes product line of sugars glycans, purification and labeling chemicals kits, with worldwide distributors, sugars and base in Oxford, England.
  • Zhejiang Aoxing Biotechnology Co., Ltd - Company profile and products of glucosamine, chitosan and biochemical its derivative biochemical series manufactured in YuHuan, China.
  • Taizhou Fuda Marine Life Industry Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer of hyaluronic acid, chitosan and glucosamine salts sugars and derivatives. Includes specifications and profile of company sugars in Wenling, China.

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