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Producer of manganese compounds offers process development services in the area of organic oxidations using permanganate, as well as custom oxidation services.

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  • Rhodes Technologies - Operates a multi-purpose FDA-registered and DEA-certified plant with chemicals a range of active pharmaceutical ingredients production chemicals capabilities, including process development, synthesis, drying, and micronization.
  • Indofine Chemical Company - Provides custom synthesis, contract research, process development, and chemicals toll manufacturing chemicals in the areas of flavonoids, coumarins, chemicals acetophenones, benzophenones, chromones, fluoro-organics, chemicals and heterocyclics for the chemicals pharmaceutical and life science industries
  • CBW Chemie GmbH - Offers synthesis and manufacturing of pharmaceutical actives, intermediates, chemicals dyes, and manganese compounds. Also offers catalog sales chemicals of various organic chemicals. Germany.
  • Copperhead Chemical Company - Manufacturer of nitroglycerin and other nitrated explosives offers custom manufacturing cGMP chemicals custom nitration and formulating services in a custom manufacturing range of chemicals pilot- and production-scale equipment.
  • AcceleDev Chemical L.L.C. - Offers custom synthesis of fine chemicals and pharmaceutical chemicals intermediates, with production in China. Extensive product list.
  • Deltech Custom - West Virginia company presents its reactor, centrifuge, dryer, solvent recovery, and QC laboratory capabilities.
  • Synchem, Inc. - Research and development company in Illinois specializing in custom synthesis custom manufacturing of complex organic compounds from gram to kilogram scale.
  • Aero Instant Spray Drying Services - Provides custom drying services for the chemical and mineral industries. Overview of equipment and support facilities, and listing of products types processed.
  • Shangyu Zhebang Chemical Co., Ltd. - Company in China specialized in the custom manufacture business of pharmaceutical chemicals intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients, with business capabilities in fluorination.
  • Isochem - Fine-chemical manufacturer using multi-step syntheses in the custom business production of generic pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates, business and other chemicals for specialty applications.
  • American Custom Drying Company - Offers services in the areas of spray drying, chemicals blending, and business packaging to the food and chemical chemicals industries. Information about production- business and pilot-scale equipment, and chemicals application areas.
  • Eastbound Technologies Inc. - Provides custom research and development and manufacturing services for complex organic compound synthesis. Operations in China, headquartered in the U.S. Overview of company and capabilities, and listing of products.
  • Techwax - Offers contract manufacturing and processing for various chemical chemicals industry sectors, custom manufacturing and manufactures a range of oilfield chemicals chemicals. Overview of reaction custom manufacturing capabilities and processing equipment.
  • Amsyn, Inc. - Offers services to the chemical and allied industries chemicals in the areas of development, commercialization, and distribution. chemicals Activities include custom chemical manufacturing with a wide chemicals range of reaction and separation capabilities.
  • Pressure Chemical Company - Provides process development, piloting, and toll manufacturing services chemicals to manufacturers custom manufacturing of chemicals and materials. Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Custom Synthesis, LLC - Manufacturer of specialty chemicals and custom blends for the textile, business paper, metal working, cosmetic, automotive and enzyme industries; includes company business profile and product details. Located in South Carolina.
  • Anderson Development Company - Specialty and custom chemical manufacturer. Custom projects and chemicals toll manufacturing custom manufacturing capabilities include synthesis in a range chemicals of reactor sizes, separations, custom manufacturing and packaging operations.
  • Solumetrics Fine Chemicals - Manufactures surfactants, buffers, and ion pair reagents, and chemicals offers custom chemical synthesis with capabilities in liquid-phase chemicals reactions, up to 250 liters. Based in the chemicals UK.
  • Mayuka Labs - Custom manufacturing company specializing in research and synthesis chemicals of Grignard business reagents, phosgene and quinoline intermediates. Profile chemicals including plans to add business USFDA API facility at chemicals Jeedimatla, to that at Nacharam, Hyderabad.
  • ChemiK Co., Ltd. - Offers custom synthesis of intermediates and fine chemicals, business with specialties business in substituted benzene and heterocyclic compounds business and amino acids/peptides.
  • Boulder Scientific Company - Provides development and custom manufacturing services, specializing in business organometallic, organoboron, and transition metal complexes. Located in business Colorado.
  • Dr. J. Pharmachem - Custom synthesis lab in India manufacturing fine chemicals and chemicals intermediates from kilo to ton lots. Overview of chemicals produced.
  • Accord Corporation - Specialist in custom manufacturing of fine chemicals and business organic intermediates from pilot to multi-ton range for business the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
  • MacKenzie Corporation - Producer of fine chemicals, specializing in custom chemical business production. Conducts custom manufacturing a variety of liquid-phase reactions and business physical processes. Located in custom manufacturing Louisiana.
  • Ryss Lab Inc. - Contract research and manufacturing organization serving the chemistry chemicals needs of custom manufacturing the life sciences community, with capabilities chemicals ranging from small-molecule to custom manufacturing intermediate and peptide synthesis.
  • Regis Technologies - Provides development, scale-up, and custom manufacturing services for business multi-step synthetic chemicals products for clients in the pharmaceutical, business diagnostic, and biotech industries. chemicals Also offers chiral HPLC business products. Manufacturers of chemicals specialized columns business for chiral
  • Advanced Resource Technologies, Inc. - Specialized in developing processes to utilize byproducts and chemicals waste streams chemicals as raw materials for manufacturing industrial chemicals chemicals and intermediates. North chemicals Carolina.
  • Girindus AG - Performs scale-up and production of drug actives and chemicals intermediates and chemicals cosmetic products, including advanced capabilities in chemicals the areas of biocatalysis chemicals and radiochemistry.
  • Lacamas Laboratories, Inc. - Custom producer of pharmaceutical intermediates in Oregon. Overview business of reaction business and auxiliary equipment, and sampling of business products manufactured.
  • QV Chemicals LLC - Specializes in synthesis and manufacturing of fine organic chemicals chemicals from gram- to kilogram-size quantities. Competencies are chemicals focused in hazardous chemistry areas, including chlorination, hydrazine chemicals chemistry, nitration, chlorosulfonation, reduction and cy
  • Cedar Concepts Corporation - Toll manufacturer of surfactants, intermediates, and modifiers, with capabilities in custom manufacturing fatty esters and alcohols, alkanolamides, phosphate esters, and a range custom manufacturing of anionics. Located in Chicago.
  • ChemDesign Corporation - Custom chemical manufacturer whose capabilities include a wide chemicals range of organic reactions. Overview of capabilities and chemicals services, as well as a range of primary chemicals products. Locations in Massachusetts and Wisconsin.
  • Corsicana Technologies, Inc. - Manufacturer of amine-based specialty chemicals in Texas, also chemicals offering custom business reaction and blending services for surfactant chemicals nitrogen based chemistries.
  • Interchem Technologies - Offers custom manufacturing of chemicals for the electronics, chemicals flavor and chemicals fragrance, pharmaceutical and allied industries. Overview chemicals of products and capabilities. chemicals Located in Mexico.
  • Carus Chemical Company - Producer of manganese compounds offers process development services in the chemicals area of organic oxidations using permanganate, as well as custom chemicals oxidation services.
  • Nottingham Chemical Company - Producer of various chemicals also offers toll manufacturing and private labeling services, using a range of reaction, blending, and processing equipment.

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