Blending and Processing Custom Manufacturing Chemicals

Offers facilities for the blending and packaging of numerous powders and liquids. Capabilities include powder blending and damping, sieving, kibbling, dissolving, and filtering. Located in the UK.

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See Also:
  • Wedor Corporation - Offers dry and liquid custom blending, formulating, and packaging services, primarily in the area of cleaners, food additives, and adhesives. List of chemicals available for blending.
  • Bernard Laboratories Inc. - Provides contract packaging of adhesives, lubricants, and personal care products.
  • Seatex Ltd. - Texas company offering custom chemical blending, toll manufacturing chemicals and private custom manufacturing label packaging to automotive, industrial, institutional chemicals and petroleum markets.
  • Paramelt - Producer of waxes and adhesives also offers contract custom manufacturing chemicals blending, formulating, and packaging of waxes, fatty custom manufacturing derivatives, hotmelt chemicals pressure sensitive and water-based adhesives, and custom manufacturing pressure emulsions. Based chemicals in the Netherlands.
  • American Jetway Corp. - Manufactures aerosol lubricants, cleaners, degreasers, adhesives, additives, coatings, paints, and specialty chemicals for private-label products in the automotive and industrial markets.
  • Valentine Chemicals - Offers custom drum- and spray-drying, grinding, vacuum distillation, custom manufacturing and chemicals packaging services. A primary application area is custom manufacturing phenolics for chemicals the wafer-board industry. Louisiana, USA.
  • South Coast Terminals LP - Offers blending, finishing, packaging, and terminaling of liquid blending and processing custom manufacturing specialty products in the Houston, Texas area.
  • Ally Industries - Toll blender of custom liquid and powder chemicals for various blending and processing industries. Provides services to the western United States.
  • Our Granule Factory - Provides custom processing services for producing producing granules, blending and processing blending and processing agglomerates, prills or pellets, with facilities in the blending and processing blending and processing UK and the Netherlands.
  • Catalyst Systems - Manufacturer benzoyl peroxide curing agents also offers custom chemicals blending, packaging custom manufacturing and formulation capabilities for a wider chemicals range of performance chemicals. custom manufacturing Located in Ohio.
  • Harben Powder Services - Offers facilities for the blending and packaging of numerous powders and liquids. Capabilities include powder blending and damping, sieving, kibbling, dissolving, and filtering. Located in the UK.
  • CHEM Group, Inc. - Diversified chemical manufacturer, headquartered in Indiana. Also offers custom manufacturing custom chemicals processing and recycling services in areas of custom manufacturing glycols, amines, chemicals and heat transfer fluids.
  • CinChemPro, Inc. - Offers custom chemical processing, including spray-drying, dry blending, crushing, grinding, custom manufacturing and packaging. Ohio, USA.
  • Packaging Service Co., Inc. - Chemical packaging company in Texas, servicing the paint chemicals sundry, automotive, blending and processing grocery, and houseware markets with branded chemicals and private-label products.
  • Tomco-Harwel Industries Inc. - Offers industrial and retail compounding, formulating, and contract custom manufacturing packaging blending and processing of powders, liquids, and slurries. Located in custom manufacturing Oklahoma.
  • ArroChem, Inc. - Custom chemical toll blender and filler located near chemicals Charlotte North Carolina, USA. Capacity from 1 pint chemicals to 5000 gallons. Formulation assistance for all types chemicals of blended chemicals.
  • Lab-Service s.a. - Provides particle treatment and analysis services, including micronization, blending and processing particle size and property analysis, aimed at pharmaceutical, blending and processing cosmetics, and food industries. Located in france.
  • Crack Processing Ltd - Contract processing and packing company in the UK chemicals servicing various custom manufacturing industrial markets. Services include liquid and chemicals powder blending, formulation, granule custom manufacturing coating, size reduction, and chemicals high-shear dispersion.

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