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Manufactures the Teleblaster radio remote blasting system, and drystick dewatering pipes. Consulting to the blasting industry for road construction,quarrying,and mining.

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  • EOD Partner - EODPartner – specialist in the supply of products chemicals for demining, UXO, EOD, IED and personal security chemicals (PPE).
  • Delta Caps Initiators - Centralized wireless electronic detonators for mining, quarrying and chemicals civil work applications.
  • Blaster Exchange - Explosives industry portal. Features a directory, forum, and explosives resource links.
  • Academy of Explosives Technology - South Africa based training institution in explosives and chemicals blasting technology.
  • Ensign-Bickford Company - Manufacturer of blast-initiation systems and blasting products.
  • Sukhdev Explosives Pvt. Ltd. - Supplier and Consultancy provider in India.
  • Instantel - Portable seismographs for controlled blast monitoring, blast analysis chemicals and pile driving.
  • Jiangsu Provincial Chemical and Building Material Trading Co.Ltd. - Import and export company of civil explosives and chemicals within explosives the Jiangsu Province.
  • East Coast Powder Magazine - Specializing in custom made magazines for explosives, pyrotechnics and hazardous business materials.
  • Ace Explosives ETI Ltd. - Manufacturer and distributor of explosives for the seismic, explosives mining, construction and logging industries, based in Calgary, explosives Alberta, Canada, serving western Canada.
  • Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Co. - Design, and production of explosives, propellants, and pyrotechnic actuated devices. Lead Azide Replacement, Initiators and Detonators (laser, electric and percussion).
  • Irish Industrial Explosives - Manufacturers and distributors of explosives and accessories to the Irish business mining, quarrying and civil engineering industries.
  • Armag Corporation - Manufacturer of storage products for arms, ammunition, explosives and blasting agents.
  • Koryo Explosives Co. Ltd. - Makers of emulan, kinex, prillit detonating cord nped chemicals and konel.
  • HG Explosives - Explosives and explosive stores and magazines. Firm based in North Lincolnshire UK.
  • Nitro-Chem SA - Polish manufacturer of explosives.
  • Institute of Makers of Explosives - IME is the safety association of the commercial explosives explosives industry chemicals in the United States and Canada.
  • Alpha Explosives - A Dyno Nobel distributor.
  • ISEE - International Society of Explosives Engineers.
  • Orica Mining Services - Supplier of commercial explosives and blasting technology serving business markets in business North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia business and Australia.
  • African Explosives Limited - Manufacturer and supplier of commercial explosives, initiating systems, blasting solutions and services in Africa to the mining, quarrying and construction industry.
  • Nobel Enterprises - Specialising in the manufacture of Energetic Materials and explosives Nitrocellulose.
  • Can-Blast - Canadian based manufacturer of pneumatic loading equipment for cartridged emulsion and water gel explosives.
  • Sichuan Hongguang Chemical Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer of TNT, 2,4-DNT, 80/20-DNT, nitrotulene(p,o,m), 2,5-dimenthylphenol, p-nitrobenzoic chemicals acid, phloroglucin, explosives Lomefloxacin Hydrochloride , Doxazosin mesylate chemicals tablet, and Cetirizine Hydrochloride.
  • Nic Instruments - Designer and manufacturer of unexploded ordnance search and chemicals handling equipment. The Nic hook and line system chemicals allows an EOD operator to manipulate objects from chemicals a safe distance.
  • Great Western Corporation - A manufacturer, distributor and exporter of metal relocatable explosives storage business magazines.
  • Blasters Tool and Supply Co., Inc., - Blasting and bomb technician accessories for the mining, explosives demolition and law enforcement industries.
  • Davey Bickford - Complete range of electric and pyrotechnical initiators designed explosives for the automotive, mining and armament industries.
  • Alaska Pacific Powder Company - A Dyno Nobel distributor. Six locations in the business Northwest and business Alaska.
  • Gillrange Ltd. - Online product catalogue including explosives, blasting agents, security chemicals pyrotechnics.
  • Zukovich Morhard and Wade LLC - Design and engineering company, specializing in explosives identification and emulsion chemicals manufacturing projects.
  • U.S. Explosive Storage - Explosive storage magazines, boxes and building manufacturer.
  • Vetrivel Explosives Pvt Ltd - Industrial explosives manufacturer and exporters from India.
  • VALsynthese - Specialist in high risk chemical reactions, compounds and explosives explosives, from explosives Switzerland.
  • Thomas Instruments - Blasting Electronics - Supplier of galvanometers which allow for the checking business of stray explosives current when using electric blasting caps.
  • Explosives Limited - Explosives distributor, supplying both packaged and bulk explosive chemicals products to the industry. Specifications and blasting formulas.
  • HiEx Technologies and HiEx Technical Services Ltd. - Manufactures the Teleblaster radio remote blasting system, and business drystick dewatering business pipes. Consulting to the blasting industry business for road construction,quarrying,and mining.
  • Snpe Group - Industrial group specialized in fine derivatives, and in energetic materials explosives (propellant, explosives.)
  • VK Blasting And Explosives - An American explosives manufacturer.
  • Johnson Hi-Tech Explosives - Perth, Western Australia based manufacturer and distributor of business innovative explosive solutions and custom explosive solutions.
  • Ideal Supply Inc. - Supplier of a full line of blasting, surveying, explosives and safety chemicals supplies. Product lines include measuring, surveying, explosives tools, wire, reels, electronics, chemicals loading, storage, safety, and explosives organizing equipment.
  • Chemza, a.s. - Slovakia manufacturing plant focused on the production and sales of chemicals organic and inorganic chemical products, including military and industrial grade chemicals explosives.
  • Kontinitro AG - Manufacturer of Explomet-FO the detonating velocity measuring instrument.
  • RedBull Powder Company Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand - RedBull Powder Company Ltd is a blasting contractor chemicals and supplier explosives of explosives to construction and mining chemicals industries. It provides control explosives of environmental effects of chemicals blasting, control and reduction of ground explosives vibration, full chemicals rock-on-ground service.
  • Lubrizol - Supplier of PIBSA based invert emulsifiers for use chemicals in the chemicals production of emulsion explosives.
  • ISTROCHEM a.s - Explosives manufacturer in Slovakia
  • Copperhead Chemical Company - Manufacturer of nitroglycerin for pharmaceutical use and of business explosive materials chemicals for use in propellants, fuel additives, business and munitions applications. Also chemicals offers custom nitration services.
  • Institute of Explosives Engineers - Information on organization purpose and membership.
  • Applied Explosives Technology - Explosives for mining, engineering and pyrotechnics for the film, television explosives and advertising industries.
  • Nordex Explosives - Publicly traded manufacturer and distributor of explosives for business mining and explosives industrial applications in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. business Products information, technical specifications, explosives and investor information. (TSX business symbol NXX)
  • Chamundi Explosives [P] Ltd. - India based manufacturer of safety fuse and gunpowder explosives for blasting business operations.

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