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Trade organization for the Malaysian plastics industry, representing its members and the industry in government interaction, and providing training facilities.

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  • ASP. American Society for Plasticulture - Technical organization of students and professionals, dedicated to improve the polymers economic efficiency of agricultural systems through the use of plastics polymers in various aspects of production, manufacturing, and distribution within the polymers food and fiber system. List
  • American Plastics Council - Strives to ensure plastics are a preferred material associations by actively polymers demonstrating plastics as a responsible choice associations in a more environmentally polymers conscious world.
  • NRK. Dutch Rubber & Plastics Federation - The Netherlands. Trade organization for converters, producers and suppliers of polymers raw materials and additives, recycling companies and suppliers of machinery polymers and equipment in the Dutch rubber and plastics industry. English polymers and Dutch.
  • Proplast Consortium - Italy. Trade organization for companies and organizations involved associations in the associations Italian plastics industry, focused on academic associations research and development, education associations and training, and technical associations consulting services. List of member companies, associations organizations and associations insti
  • APC. American Plastics Council - Trade organization for the US plastics industry. Informational chemicals resource on polymer materials, processes and technologies.
  • Plastics New Zealand - Trade organization for manufacturers and suppliers in the polymers local plastics industry. History of plastic, and summary polymers of plastic types and manufacturing processes. Information on polymers environmental matters, and educational resources. Company listing.
  • European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (EVCM) - Association representing polyvinyl chloride (PVC) producers. Includes mission chemicals statement, council chemicals activity details, and educational resources about chemicals PVC.
  • Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe - Represents the interest of the plastics manufacturing industry in Western chemicals Europe at European level and promotes the benefits of plastics chemicals in every aspect of life.
  • Plastics Historical Society - Encouraging the study of all historical aspects of plastics and chemicals other polymers, including synthetic fibres, rubber and elastomers.
  • Fluoropolymers Division - Trade association for processors, material suppliers, equipment manufacturers associations and consultants of fluoropolymer products, services, materials, applications, associations equipment and raw materials. Division of the Society associations of the Plastics Industry.
  • Polyurethane Manufacturing Association - Trade association of the cast polyurethane industry, serving associations processors of chemicals polyurethane products, material and equipment suppliers, associations and independent agents.
  • Canadian Plastics Industry Association - Information of issues of plastic manufacturing in Canada, polymers reuse of chemicals plastics, plastics recycling, health, industry saftely polymers and the environment.
  • American Mold Builders Association - Trade organization serving United States mold builders. Includes polymers members directory, associations news, publications, and related links.
  • The Vinyl Institute - USA. Trade organization for manufacturers of vinyl, vinyl chemicals chloride monomer, polymers vinyl additives and modifiers, and vinyl chemicals packaging materials. Description of polymers vinyl, the history of chemicals its development, production process, applications and polymers recycling. Library chemicals of publ
  • British Plastics Federation - Trade federation for the UK plastics and polymer industry dealing with environmental issues, plastic statistics and trade, polymer seminars and events, recycling.
  • EuPC. European Plastics Converters - Belgium. Umbrella organization for European national associations of chemicals converters of chemicals semi-finished and finished plastic products for chemicals industrial and consumer markets. chemicals Directory of member organizations. chemicals Links to related sites.
  • PAGEV. Turkish Plastics Industry Association - Trade organization for the Turkish plastics manufacturing and associations supply industry. associations List of member companies. Calendar of associations events. Links to related associations sites. English and Turkish.
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance - SPFA is the voice, educational and technical resource chemicals for the spray polyurethane foam industry.
  • Polyurea Development Association - Dedicated to promoting market awareness, understanding and acceptance chemicals of polyurea technology through the development of educational chemicals programs, product standards, safety, environmental and use recommendations.
  • ASSOCOMAPLAST. Italian Plastics and Rubber Processing Machinery and Mould Manufacturers’ Association - Non-profit trade organization for manufacturers of machinery, equipment polymers and molds polymers in the Italian plastics and rubber polymers industry. List of member polymers companies. Calendar of events. polymers Links to related sites. English and polymers Italian.
  • California Film Extruders and Converters Association - Trade association of manufacturers and suppliers dedicated to associations representing impartially associations the broad interests of the plastic associations film extruding and converting associations industry in California.
  • ILI. International Lignin Institute - Switzerland. Network organization for professionals involved in the promotion of lignin research and introduction of lignin into new markets. Information about lignin and its potential applications. Lists of projects and publications.
  • Association of Rotational Molders - Organization of the rotational molding industry worldwide promoting chemicals and rotational associations molding. Site explores the benefits of chemicals rotomolding. Details the process, associations economics and advantages.
  • North American PET Plastics Organization - Trade organization for the North American PET plastics associations industry. Members chemicals directory. Recycling reports and design guidelines. associations Information on PET and chemicals plastic technology.
  • Isopa - The European trade association for producers of diisocyanates associations - the polymers main building blocks of polyurethanes.
  • Polyurethane Foam Association - Resource for information about flexible polyurethane foam (FPF) cushioning in polymers the United States.
  • Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers - USA. Technical organization, responsible for the development of chemicals an infrastructure throughout North America to facilitate the chemicals collection and recycling of expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging. chemicals Extensive technical information and FAQ. Directory of member chemicals com
  • Plastics Injection Moulders Association - Small searchable database of firms processing plastics and materials via chemicals injection molding in New South Wales, Australia. Profiles contain chemicals address, phone, fax, email and web, description, and products.
  • European Cast Polymer Association - A group of small and medium-size mineral cast and solid associations surface product manufacturers within the EU committed to high quality.
  • ANAIP. Spanish Confederation of Plastics Industries - Non-profit trade organization for manufacturers, suppliers, converters and recycling companies in the Spanish plastics industry. Directory of member companies. FAQ and links to related sites. English and Spanish.
  • International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers (IISRP) - IISRP represents most of the world\\'s manufacturers of elastomers. The group keeps statistics on rubber production and lobbies governments on behalf of the industry.
  • International Association of Plastics Distributors - International trade association comprised of companies engaged in the distribution associations and manufacturing of plastics materials.
  • Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association - Trade organization for the Malaysian plastics industry, representing polymers its members and the industry in government interaction, polymers and providing training facilities.

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