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Manufacturer of plastic protective closures from dip molding process,in vinyl, metal, rubber and paper for the protection of parts during processing.

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  • Fegam Plasticos - Plastisol molding and coatings company in Monterrey Mexico. plastics Manufactures closures dip molded and other custom plastic products.
  • Steere Enterprises - Dip molded grips, sleeves, protective covers, specialty manufactured product products and bellows from a range of vinyl manufactured product plastisol formulations.
  • Eger Products Inc - Dip molding, of proprietary switchgear covers, agricultural tanks, dumpster lids plastics and bus boot covers, also perform rotational casting.
  • MoCap - US based dip molding company manufactures protective caps manufactured product and dip molded plugs, grips, and masking products as well manufactured product as custom dip molded molded items.
  • Alliance Plastics - Dip molding vinyl cap protectors for tubing, plastics threaded parts, covers for bolts and screws. plastics They are also widely used as masks for plastics painting and plating.
  • Piper Plastics - Precision dip molding and plastic coating using plastisol, nylon, silicone, and urethane. Capable of meeting FDA, UL, USP, and MIL specifications.
  • Baldan Plastica S.r.l. - Specialising in moulded plastics - Specialising in moulded plastics
  • Access Polymer Molding Inc. - Manufacture plastic plugs, caps closures and protective components as well plastics as shipping, threaded, sleeve and dust protectors by dip molding plastics process.
  • Shinagawa Shoko Co - Manufacture a variety of insulation caps wiring accessories dip molded that are formed in a dipping process using dip molded a soft PVC plastic compound.
  • Caplugs - Manufacturer of plastic protective closures from dip molding process,in vinyl, dip molded metal, rubber and paper for the protection of parts during dip molded processing.
  • Harman Corp - Supplier of caps, grips, plugs, and custom vinyl dip molded products made from the dip molding process.
  • Plastificados en México - Plastisol molding company in Monterrey Mexico. Manufactures plastics closures and manufactured product other custom plastic products.
  • Loven Special Products - Dip Molded Products from the Netherlands.
  • Kouyo Plastic Ent. Co. - Manufacturer of household and bathroom products by dip manufactured product molding dip molded and other molding processes.
  • Plasti-Coat Corp. - Manufacturing dip molded grips, handles and plugs from plastisol, vinyl and nylon materials. Coating and molding services available.
  • StockCap - Dip molding company specializing in plastic caps, plugs, manufactured product masking plastics products, and custom molded covers. Includes manufactured product video tour plastics of the facility.
  • Porous Products Group - Manufacture pourous plastic products for specialized medical applications by dip dip molded molding in powder compounds.
  • Precision Dippings Marketing Ltd. - Manufacturing rubber dipped products from natural latex and manufactured product neoprene plastics latex for industries, ranging from specialized medical manufactured product parts to plastics latex seals for dry suits.
  • Gripworks - Manufacturer of plastic hand grips, foam grips, and plastics foam tubing.
  • Vynaflex Plastisol Compounds - Manufacturer of vinyl plastisol coatings for the dip dip molded molding manufactured product and dip coating industries.
  • Insulboot - Manufacturer of flexible, reusable, electrical insulating PVC covers for busbar and switchgear connections. Many standard sizes and styles available.
  • PDM Industries - Specialize in plastisol coating, fluidized bed powder coating, dip molding, manufactured product custom vinyl coating.
  • Surgimedics - Offer dip molded soft plastisol disposable medical products plastics specializing in plastics fluid management for the cardiovascular surgery plastics and critical care markets.
  • Sinclair & Rush Limited - Manufacturer of dip molded plastic caps, plugs, closures, grips and plastics other vinyl products.
  • Apex Medical Technologies, Inc. - Specializes in non-latex dip molded products for the plastics medical device dip molded industry, Products include, specimen pouches, probe plastics covers, diaphragms and male dip molded external catheters.
  • Greenbrook Automations - Designs and manufactures latex dipping plants and ancillary plastics equipment for dip molded the world latex and PVC industries.
  • United Plastics Technology, Inc. - Manufacturers dip tooling, racks, chillers, auxiliary lifts, plastisol replenishment systems, plastics finished product conveyors.

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