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Manufacture of engineering plastics semi finished components, such as rod, sheet and machined parts.Processor of semi-finished plastics in Asia.

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  • Diversified Plastic - Specializes in plastic extrusion and plastic vacuum forming. Includes profile, plastics capabilities, materials, links and contact information.
  • Ensinger Ltd. - Manufactures and distributes engineering plastics in rod, sheet,tube and finished manufactured product components.
  • Micro Lens Technology, Inc - Produces optically clear acrylic sheet for linticular lens engineered parts lens, lens design and cylinder engraving for engineered parts the 3D and animated graphic market.
  • Holscot Group - Manufactures engineered fluoroplastic products including Sheeting and manufactured product heat engineered parts shrink tubbing by extrusion, vacuum forming, fusion manufactured product welding and engineered parts chemical etching.
  • Smithco Industries - Manufacturer of low density polyethynene plastic pipe caps plastics and flange protectors.
  • Allegheny Plastics - Custom injection molder producing components from PTFE for the electrical, transmission, distribution, aerospace, automotive, electrical, and industrial markets.
  • Heute and Comp. Gmbh - Manufacture a range of engineered fluoroplastic products. Includes information about manufactured product fluoroplastic materials such as PTFE and PFA (in English and manufactured product German).
  • Longer Plastic Factory Ltd - Manufacturer and exporter of plastic products including plastic plastics bellows and manufactured product air pumps.
  • AGS Acrylics - Produces tombstones and gifts. Offers an online ordering system.
  • Plastech - Plastic machining, modular molding and precision CNC machining plastics of plastics plastics for the medical, aerospace, semiconductor, electronics, plastics and marine industries.
  • Allegheny Plastics, Inc - Manufacturer and service provider of molded and machined parts of manufactured product advanced materials to the aerospace, automotive, and industrial equipment industries. manufactured product Also, design, manufacture and installment of surface processing equipment.
  • E-Beam Services Inc. - Offers contract electron beam processing for plastics crosslinking, plastic product enhancement, and sterilization of medical devices.
  • Tatra Plastics Group - Plastic wheels custom molded, from engineered plastic resins and structural foam also produces lightning and surge protection and cable management items.
  • Poly-Flex Inc. - Manufacturers geomembrane liner products for environmental and containment manufactured product applications.
  • Evernew Development Ltd - Manufacturers of plastic products including computer parts, household plastics appliances, electronic products, electronic and electrical components.
  • Omega Plastics - Rapid-cut injection modular mold tooling, bridge to production injection molded plastics parts, low volume production, and sub-assembly.
  • Modular Molding Systems - Manufacturer of modular molding systems for industrial grade plastics lean manufacturing.
  • Mastco, Inc - Design and manufacture of custom OEM components in PTFE and teflon for the biomedical, bioresearch, combinatorial chemistry, flow and level metering, laboratories, and the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries.
  • Plastic Parts - Provides plastic services from modular mold design, tooling plastics and injection.
  • Wrexham Plastics Company Ltd - A supplier of engineering plastics, plus plastics machining, plastics fabrication, engineered parts plastic suppliers.
  • Aucilla Plastics - Custom injection molder specializing in small tight-tolerance parts produced from engineering grade thermoplastic polymers.
  • - Buy engineering plastic stock shapes, obtain product data manufactured product and plastics material data safety sheets or get recommendations manufactured product on which plastics plastic material is best for your manufactured product application.
  • Davidson Plastics Corp - Manufactures reflective highway delineation, barriers, barricades, overlay markers, plastics zone safety devices and chain link fence inserts.
  • Acro Tech Inc - Manufacturer of urethane products such as sheet, bars, engineered parts tubes, plastics rods, metal forming products and custom molding.
  • Applied Plastics Technology - Manufactures engineered plastic components on automatic compression modular manufactured product molding engineered parts and CNC machining equipment. Browse their catalog manufactured product of stock engineered parts shapes.
  • Performance Plastics - Molders of high performance polymers in injection modular manufactured product molding plastics with close tolerances and difficult shape parts
  • HY Comp - Manufactures custom injection modular molded thermoplastic parts for engineered parts structural plastics aerospace and industrial products. Product catalog and engineered parts contact information.
  • Jobst Inc - Injection Molding of engineering thermoplastics and thermoplastic rubber, prototype through production tools and molding, insert molding and transfer molding.
  • Econplastics - An industrial plastics supplier, stocking FR-4, canvas phenolic plastics and paper plastics based phenolic sheets.
  • Solar Plastics, Inc. - Specialized in rotational molding of plastics.
  • Richco - Design and manufactures plastic fasteners, wire management devices, circuit board manufactured product hardware, and custom components.
  • HP Manufacturing - Fabrication of plastic sheets, rods and tubes and manufactured product offers custom manufacture of plastic displays and fixtures.
  • Plastic Wheels - Supplier of wheels and castors - rubber PVC polyurethane EVA manufactured product or pneumatic tyres to carry loads from 15 kilos to manufactured product 12 tons.
  • WJP Engineering Plastics - Manufacturer of engineering plastic components in a range plastics of plastics plastics such as PVDF, PPS, Nylon, Acetal, plastics Delrin, UHMWPE, and Polypropylene.
  • Hsin Lien Bang Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Manufacture of engineering plastics semi finished components, such as rod, sheet and machined parts.Processor of semi-finished plastics in Asia.
  • Tradewind Resources - Xpecialize in prototyping plastic injection modular molded components plastics and sales plastics of stock sheet, rod, tube, balls plastics and other shape materials.
  • MDI Manufacturing and Design, Inc. - Design, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution of plastic components for the engineered parts furniture, display, and healthcare industries.
  • Ajay Poly Pty., Ltd - India: Manufactures refrigerator gaskets, door seals, magnets, visicooler manufactured product profiles, engineered parts and parts for a range of industries.
  • Sunray - Manufacturer of urethane wheels, rollers and components.

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