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Manufactures extruded tubing in diameters ranging from 1/8" to 6" and wall thicknesses ranging from .010" to .375". engineered for special applications.

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  • Extrusioneering, Inc. - Specializes in small diameter medical tubing. Tight tolerance manufactured product single pipe tubing ducting and multi-lumen geometries, co-extrusions, polyolefin balloon tubing manufactured product and shrink pipe tubing ducting tubing.
  • Freelin-Wade Co. - Plastic tubing, hose, coils and tether manufacturer.
  • Nycoil Co - Manufacturing a line of tubing including, air brake plastics tubing, polyurethane recoil air hose, nylon recoil plastics air hose, and other.
  • Dunn Industries - Custom extrusion of medical grade tubing produced from a variety of engineering thermoplastics and manufacture of thermo-plastic micro tubing.
  • LeRoy Plastics, Inc. - Extruder of stock and custom polyethylene tubing, hose, pipe tubing ducting plastics pipe and retractable tubing coils.
  • Drossbach N.A. Inc. - Manufacturers of plastic ducting and convoluted plastic conduit plastics for protection of wiring harnesses and cables.
  • Thermoplastic Processes Inc. - Manufacturer of flexible PVC tubing, clear PVC pipe, polycarbonate tubing pipe tubing ducting and low density polyethylene tubing.
  • Superlon - Manufactures extruded elastomeric nitrile foam tubing designed to pipe tubing ducting pipe tubing ducting fit the standard diameters of steel and copper pipe tubing ducting pipe tubing ducting pipings.
  • Gummi-Technik - Extrusion of plastic tubing and hosesĀ in sponge or solid, available in various elastomers, custom fabricated in standard shapes and sizes.
  • Officine Hellen srl - Manufacture PVC medical grade tubing and high frequency plastics welded articles manufactured product . In English and Italian .
  • U.S. Polymers Inc. - Manufactures PVC-UVR pipe above ground irrigation pipe which pipe tubing ducting is resistant to degradation by sunlight.
  • Flextech Industries Inc. - Designs and manufactures corrugated plastic tubing , teflon plastics hose, teflon expansion joints and piping accessories.
  • Steursma Engineering BV - Manufacturing medical and industrial plastic tubing. Extrusion of custom tubing plastics and profiles.
  • Petro Packaging Inc. - Manufactures extruded tubing in diameters ranging from 1/8" manufactured product to manufactured product 6" and wall thicknesses ranging from .010" manufactured product to .375". manufactured product engineered for special applications.
  • Optinova AB - Custom engineered precision fluoroplastic tubing and profiles for medical applications. Also, wire dispersion coating, and multi-layered design.
  • Custom Assemblies, Inc. - Manufacturing plastic medical tubing for medical manufacturing companies. manufactured product Provide manufactured product customized products, clean room facilities, equipment for manufactured product semi-automated tube manufactured product coiling.
  • Vanguard Piping Systems Inc. - Manufactures a line of cross-linked polyethylene tubing, fittings plastics and tools along with water management system. Canada.
  • Tubing Termoencogible - Manufactures single and dual wall polyolefin heat shrink plastics tubbing for military, electronics, hardware, automotive, military, plastics appliance and medical specifications.
  • Dasheng Corp - Manufacturer of heat shrinkable cable accessories, insulation, insulator plastics tubings, stress control tubings, and anti-corrosion sleeves.
  • Nylex - Nylex manufacture thermo plastic tubing, hose, ducting geomembranes, tank liners and drainage systems.
  • Eldon James Corp - Manufacturers of plastic hose fittings, tubing, hose barbs, hose unions plastics and medical components and accessories from Nylon, polypropylene, Glass-Reinforced Nylon, plastics and PVDF.

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