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Manufacturing engineering grade resins with high mechanical and thermal loads including Terlux, Ultradur, Ultraform and other specialized materials for a variety of applications.

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  • Pragati Plastics, Pvt., Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of PTFE raw materials including resins and compounds engineering resins rods, sheets, hollows, profiles and custom parts in resins and compounds engineering resins over 300 grades of tubing, cloth and other.
  • Alloy Polymers - Toll compounding services provider for engineered thermoplastics. Capabilities include: blending of reinforcements, minerals, liquids and other additives.
  • Vesconite - An advanced compounded engineering thermoplastic specially formulated for engineering resins low friction, long life bearings.
  • Rhodia Polyamide - World wide producer of polyamides . Manufactures polyamid 66, basis polymers and fiber and yarn. Graphically intensive site but contains lots of information on polyamides.
  • Solutia - Manufactures engineering grades of unsaturated polyester, resins and urethane acrylate resins and compounds products for anticorrosion and UV resistance.
  • Polymers International Pty Ltd - Specializes in the sales, marketing and distribution of plastics high performance elastomers, engineering plastics and commodities.
  • Rapco Group - Supplier of engineering polymers and commodity thermoplastic resins resins and compounds to the Maltese home market, and to countries resins and compounds in the Mediterranean region.
  • AEI Compounds, Ltd. - Development and manufacture engineered silanes and crosslinkable polymeric compounds resins and compounds for the electric cable and wire industry.
  • Kepital Plastics Co Ltd. - Manufacturer of polyacetal copolymer resin for engineered structural resins and compounds resins and compounds components such as, automotive, electrical and electronics.
  • Formulated Polymers Ltd - Indian manufacturer of formulated plastic engineering compounds and plastics resins, including resins and compounds polyamide, ABS, polyacetal, PBT and styrene plastics acrylonitrile,
  • Ems Chemie AG - Production of customized engineering grade plastic nylon homopolymers plastics and copolymers resins and compounds based on polyamides and polyesters.
  • Dynachem. - Supplying electronic, automobile, electrical and appliance manufacturers with plastics nylon 66, engineering resins ABS, polycarbonate, glass fiber reinforced and plastics alloy resins.
  • TP Composites, Inc. - Manufacturer of engineering plastic compounds for extrusion plastics and injection resins and compounds molding applications. Specializing in high filler plastics content grades and high resins and compounds performance alloys.
  • BASF - Manufacturing engineering grade resins with high mechanical engineering resins and plastics thermal loads including Terlux, Ultradur, Ultraform and engineering resins other specialized plastics materials for a variety of applications.
  • Marplex Australia Limited - Offers a range of engineering polymers including ABS, plastics polycarbonate, polyacetal engineering resins and the like, manufactured both locally plastics and overseas.
  • Hughes Processing Inc. - Plastic raw material compounding and licensing of ASA, rigid plastics PVC and weatherable polymer compounding technology.
  • Adell Plastics - Independent compounders of thermoplastic engineering grade resins, meeting requirements for specialty compounded products.
  • Teijin Ltd. - Manufacturing of engineering grade polycarbonate resin specially plastics for film resins and compounds substrates for LCDs, electronics products and plastics information systems.
  • Kangnam Chemical Co Ltd. - Manufacturer of polyurethane, air cured furan, phenol urethane, plastics and phenol resins and compounds ester for use in stadium construction plastics applications.
  • ICO, Inc. - Provides engineering resins to the rotational moulding industry plastics worldwide.Also serve plastics other specialty markets for powdered polymers. plastics Includes company news, trade plastics shows, and seminars.
  • Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics - Manufactures a range of engineering plastics to meet engineering resins market engineering resins requirements for compactness, high performance, and flame engineering resins retardance.
  • Addiplast - Custom engineering compounds for injection and extrusion. Specialist resins and compounds plastics in colour development and flame retardant grades.

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