PVC Resins and Compounds Plastics Polymers

Manufacturer of a wide range of PVC resins for applications in pipe fittings, flooring, solid and foam profile extrusion, molding, and calendering.

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  • BorsodChem Rt. - Manufacturer of suspension grade PVC resin, and manufacturer resins and compounds plastics of MDI and polyurethane resins.
  • Innua Petrochemicals - Polyvinyl chlorides including PVC emulsion, suspension and co-polymers resins and compounds plus plasticizer chemicals such as sebacic acid and resins and compounds adipic acid.
  • Bayshore Vinyl Inc. - Manufacturer of flexible pvc compounds, clear, natural and exterior grades resins and compounds for extrusion, blowmolding, and injection molding applications.
  • OxyVinyls LLC - Manufacturer of a wide range of PVC resins resins and compounds for applications in pipe fittings, flooring, solid and resins and compounds foam profile extrusion, molding, and calendering.
  • Sunko Ink Co., Ltd. - Produces PU and PVC synthetic leather, supplier of pvc various kinds of ink, surface finishing agent, paint, pvc and polyurethane resin.
  • Chemix PLC - Supplier of custom formulated PVC compound to the window and pvc cellular profile markets. Additives and services for the PVC industry.
  • S.K.J. Industries Company Ltd. - Manufacturer of PVC products, including vinyl floor covering, resins and compounds table cloths, rigid and flexible sheeting, and artificial resins and compounds leather, located in Thailand.
  • Plasticos Petroquimica, C.A. - Manufacturer of PVC homopolymer suspension resins for the South American domestic market.
  • Zibo Linzi Fengtian Chemical Co., Ltd. - Produces chlorinated polymers (CPVC, CPE), an impact modifier plastics copolymer, and several sulfur-containing organic compounds.
  • Kwong Yu Industry (KYI) - Manufacturer of PVC wire, cable, footwear, flexible hose pvc and profile compounds. UPVC extrusion and injection molding pvc compounds.
  • IKA Innovative Kunstoffaufbereitung GmbH & Co KG - Developer and producer of PVC processing additives, located plastics in Germany. Products include stabilizers, fillers, blowing agents, plastics and coating compounds.
  • STIR S.p.A. - Suppliers of rigid and plasticized PVC compounds meeting resins and compounds resins and compounds standards for flame-resistant cables and other products. Compounds resins and compounds resins and compounds for extrusion and molding.
  • Geon Corp - Manufacturers of PVC resin and products.
  • Resin Technology, LLC - International PVC materials compounder supplying custom compounds to customer specifications. Specializing in wire and cable compounds.
  • Formosa Plastics Corporation, U.S.A. - Vertically integrated manufacturer and supplier of PVC and other plastic resins and compounds resins.
  • Benvic corp. - Manufactures PVC compounds, blends and alloys specializing pvc in the pvc new building and the renovation sectors.
  • Sylvin Technologies Inc. - Custom formulator for PVC compounds. Formulates products to plastics customer needs, resins and compounds from 50 to 40,000lbs. Provides customized plastics inventory program.
  • Saudi Basic Industrial Corp - Manufacturing and exporting worldwide, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and pvc general purpose, high impact and expandable polystyrene. Saudi pvc Arabia
  • Sovere - Manufactures both rigid and elastomeric PVC pellets for industrial, construction, plastics furniture and footwear industries.
  • Tzon Shang Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of flexible and ridged PVC compound for plastics extrusion, blow pvc molding, injection molding and shrinkable film.
  • EPV Plastics Corp - Full service distributor, designer, manufacturer, warehouse and precision pvc converter of PVC flexible, rigid, and expanded films, pvc supported and unsupported.
  • Charlotte Chemical Inc. - Manufacturer and supplier of emulsion and suspension grade PVC resins pvc to a variety of markets worldwide.
  • Finolex Industries Ltd . - Produces suspension emulsion and paste PVC resins, includes resins and compounds a variety of grades in rigid, semi-rigid and resins and compounds flexible applications.
  • Ronald Mark Associates - Manufactures general purpose and specialty PVC resin. Products resins and compounds plastics include the low glossd dulling resin and powder resins and compounds plastics coating resin.

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