Thermoplastic Resins and Compounds Plastics Polymers

Formulated water based polymers for a wide range of applications including adhesives, textile coatings, flame retardants, wallpaper coatings and moulded latex products.

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  • DCM Shriram Consolidated Limited - Manufacturers PVC compound and resin for automotive, footware thermoplastic and agricultural applications.
  • Fu Yan Chemicals Ltd - Manufacturer of polyester and polypropylene resins for worldwide thermoplastic distribution.Polymerization from monomer. Korea
  • RTP Company - Supplier of specialty compounds for injection molding. Compounding resins and compounds plastics combines additives with base polymers to create engineered resins and compounds plastics thermoplastic composites.
  • The Borealis Group - Manufactures polyolefin resins and grades, principally polyethylene and polypropylene in a range of molecular weights.
  • McCann Plastics Inc. - Custom compounding and suppliers of thermoplastic resins and compounds to thermoplastic industry in custom colors and formulations.
  • Eternal Chemical Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer and supplier of resins to the plastic plastics raw materials industry, both general purpose and high plastics impact polystyrene.
  • MRC Polymers - Manufacturer of engineering and commodity thermoplastic compounds.
  • Basell Service Company BV - The Netherlands. Multi-national manufacturers and suppliers of polypropylene, polyolefin products, plastics polyethylene and catalists for a wide range of industrial applications. plastics Also, development and licensing of polypropylene and polyethylene processes. English
  • Longkou Xinglong Rubber-Plastic Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer of calcium carbonate filled flame retardant plastics, GFR thermoplastics thermoplastic and modified plastics for the automobile industry.
  • Ashley Polymers Inc. - Compounder of engineering grade plastic resins, custom and resins and compounds plastics economy materials, available from distribution centers.
  • Phillips Plastics - Manufacturer of a range of thermoplastics, polypropylene, high, plastics low and medium density polyethylene and K resin.
  • Tufnol Ltd - UK: manufacturer of a range of engineering plastics, thermoplastics, vulcanised thermoplastic fibre, high performance composites, and laminates.
  • Dow Plastics - Manufacturer of polyethylene, polystyrene, polyurethanes, and engineering plastics resins and compounds thermoplastic such as ABS and polycarbonate.
  • Yoonho Tech Co. Ltd. - Manufacture thermoplastic compounds including glass fibre reinforced, mineral filled, wear resistant, flame retarded, high flow and anti-static. Korea.
  • Albis Gmbh - International supplier and compounder of engineering and commodity grade plastic resins and compounds resins. Headquarters in Germany, branches worldwide.
  • B+S Chemie GmbH - Manufacturer and distributor thermoplastic resins, HDPE, LDPE, PP, resins and compounds POM, and recycled plastic resins. Germany
  • Plascoat Systems Limited - Manufacture, market and develop a wide range of resins and compounds thermoplastic powders and fluids for metal finishing and resins and compounds powder coating.
  • AT Plastics Inc. - Compounds olefin based copolymers, speciality compounds, high performance resins and compounds resins and compounds thermoplastic resins and plastic films.Canada.
  • Formulated Polymer Products, Ltd. - Formulated water based polymers for a wide range resins and compounds of applications including adhesives, textile coatings, flame retardants, resins and compounds wallpaper coatings and moulded latex products.
  • Huntsman - Manufacturer of a range of commodity resins such as thermoplastic polyethylene, polypropylene, copolymers and specialty resins.
  • J.B. polymers Inc - Engineering grade thermoplastic resins, PC, PPO, PBT, ABS, PC/ABS, Nylon, resins and compounds and Acetal in natural, black and custom colors.
  • Empower Materials, Inc. - Producer of poly(propylene carbonate) and poly(ethylene carbonate) incorporating the technology of carbon dioxide (CO2) based copolymers for the electronics and special metals industries. Information on the polymer itself, available forms (from granulate
  • Samsung General Chemicals - Producer of polyethylene and polypropylene resins and plastics basic petrochemicals and synthetic materials.

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